Shocking news from the South Pole — Santa has been there! We have confirmed reports from the South Pole that Santa Claus has indeed made his first visits to research stations down at the South Pole in just the past few minutes.

Elf Quinton was right. Santa wanted to surprise and he did. “It’s a brilliant move,” Elf Quinton said, “It means that by delivering to the South Pole first Santa has secrecy for his next stop to. It’s perfectly logical. Santa needs only to go north and he can go anywhere he wants and nobody will be sure where exactly that will be. It keeps him secure and gives him the element of surprise going forward. Santa sure knows what he is doing!”

This will begin to bring reports from all over the world of Santa’s visits. Watch closely now as Santa makes fast forward progress.

Melbourne, Australia
Eastern Australia
Islands of the Tasman Sea

Elf Ernest

 Tracking Santa 

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