Put a Name Tag on Your Christmas Tree


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Santa instructed me this morning to put out the word that Santa would like you to place a name tag of some sort on your Christmas tree before he visits late on Christmas Eve.

As discussed earlier this month in a Santa Update Santa believes every home should have a tree that is named, talked to and sung around. Santa wants to be able to call the tree by name when he visits your house.

Now, kids – Santa doesn’t ask for much usually. But can you remember to do this?

If you haven’t already named your tree, by all means, give it a name.

Then make a name badge of some sort for your tree and put it on the tree so Santa will see it. That way he can say hello to the tree when he visits.

Listen to this news discussed between Frank and Crash at the North Pole Newsroom:


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Put a Name Tag on Your Christmas Tree

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