su2015-1Elf Billy reports that the Tracking Center this year will be using the very latest in satellite and computer technology to track Santa.

“Santa might have declared it an old fashioned Christmas,” Billy said. “But he increased our budget in a big way so that we can follow him around the world using the latest and the greatest in technology”.

Santa himself will be fitted with a GPS transponder sewn right into the lining of his pants – so thin that he won’t even notice it is there. That technology will allow the North Pole to know where Santa is at all times within 2 feet of absolute accuracy.

“Santa isn’t going to be able to burp without us knowing about it,” Elf Billy said, chuckling.

We hope you join us right here for our 24th year of tracking Santa. It’s what we do best.

In some other news, Elf Crash Murphy answers a very delicate question today about Santa’s weight. Listen to that by clicking the player below.

Elf Ernest

Tracking Center Goes High Tech for Old Fashioned Christmas

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