For many Christmas is a time of snowmen and frosty images of trees in the snow. But for many, many others around the world it means going to the beach and enjoying a long hot day on the water before Santa comes at night. It just depends on where you live.

For many of these beach goers in particular they want Santa to stop and enjoy a little fun with them on a warm summer’s evening. Of course, Santa doesn’t have time for that.

Some have asked and yes, it’s true. Santa will often take off his coat when working places where it is summer. It is not unusual to see Santa delivering with his sleeves rolled up either. After all, it is hot out there!

Elf Ernest
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North Pole Weather: -23 degrees F, *** Light Snow, High Winds *** **BLIZZARD WARNING**
Where it is Christmas Eve: South Pacific Island Nations, parts of Antarctica, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Far East Asia, parts of Central Asia
Bedtime Warnings: None yet

Summer Celebrations of Christmas in the South 1

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Summer Celebrations of Christmas in the South 2

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Summer Celebrations of Christmas in the South

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