Sick elves

Hello from the North Pole!

It looks like another tough day at the North Pole Medical Center. The place is just packed with elves who are sick.

The news of the virus is spreading almost as fast as the virus itself.

Think of it like the flu. It is not the kind of disease that hurts you other than making you really sick for a period of time.

You have no energy. You have no desire to do anything. Worse, they reason the call it the “Bah Humbug” virus is because it makes you want to have nothing to do with Christmas.

That’s a pretty bad bug for an elf to get.

During the Christmas season of 1998 the Bah Humbug virus hit the North Pole bad. Even Santa came down with the bug about 10 days before Christmas.

It was horrible and Christmas quite nearly got cancelled that year because of it.

Ever since that year, folks here at the North Pole have been very afraid of it showing up again.

Every year there seems to be a scare with it.

But this one looks like the real deal. That’s why there are so many elves at the Medical Center this week. They just don’t want to get sick with this thing.

There are signs up everywhere. Every department is holding meetings telling elves how to prevent getting ill and what to do if they start to feel the virus coming on.

We will keep you posted as more information becomes available.

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