Elf Crash Answers Questions

New Podcast Episode Answers Questions

A new podcast episode from Elves Frank and Crash answers questions submitted by recent site visitors to You can listen to it at this link. Elf Crash Murphy is Santa's eye in the sky reporter. He follows Santa's sleigh…
Concerns about Reindeer

Concerns About Reindeer Voiced to the North Pole

Concerns about the reindeer are now showing up in mail to the North Pole. Recent news reports about the elves at the North Pole who are concerned about the reindeer have now spilled over to people around the world voicing their concerns. I…
User Activity High

User Activity Triples Overnight

We have seen an unusual spike in user activity on our websites in the past couple of days. Engineers at North Pole Flight Command and in the North Pole News Department are trying to understand it. "We quietly published a new episode of the…
An Elf's Story 1
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An Elf's Story

Greetings! If you have not yet listened to the North Pole Podcast I encourage you to give it a try. I just listened to the latest episode uploaded late last night. The North Pole Podcast was the brainchild of the North Pole Radio News Department.…
North Pole Podcast
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North Pole Podcast Coming Soon

Greetings! Big news from the guys in the radio department: Based on a suggestion from fifth grade teacher Sharon Sanders of Wisconsin the North Pole has decided to launch a new podcast. The focus of the podcast will be elves and North…


North Pole Podcast

Introducing the North Pole Podcast

It’s a big historic day here at the North Pole and here on We’re proud to announce the first episode of the North Pole Podcast. The North Pole Podcast is an idea we have been exploring for a long, long time. Santa felt…