hugoThings are hopping at the North Pole Post Office.

“We have handled a record amount of mail already,” Elf Hugo said. “But everything is under control. We’re ahead of it. Santa gets what he needs to see in an organized fashion and we’re getting other mail where it needs to go as fast as we can. So far, so good.”

Of course, as it gets closer to Christmas the mail only comes in faster. So we will see if another record is set before this season is through.

You have many ways to send Santa your Christmas greeting or your wishlist or your questions. We have many links for that right here on our website. But the truth is that Santa still prefers to see things done the old fashioned way — on a piece of paper written in pencil or crayon. Some kids are so small they cannot even write letters yet. They just draw pictures. And Santa just loves those. He hangs them up around his office and he hands them out to people he will see in hospitals and nursing homes to cheer them up. He can’t do that with an email.

As it gets closer to Christmas it gets tougher for Santa to read all his mail. That means Elf Hugo has to work harder to organize it as it comes in. Right now, with about 3 weeks to Christmas, that is pretty easy. But it gets to be a bigger job as Christmas gets closer. So the mail room keeps adding new elves to help handle it all as it comes in.

Meanwhile, it appears we are getting a ton of snow right now at the North Pole. I called Elf Billy and he told me that we might see heavy snow falling here for days. That should not affect us, we’re used to snow here. But it sure has made things pretty!

Elf Ernest


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