Far East Asia Wakes to Christmas Eve 1

su2013eeFor half the world, it’s Christmas Eve already.

It’s midday in Samoa, it’s dawn in Japan, and it is just after midnight in East Africa — all enjoying December 24th.

For the western world it is still December 23rd.

But no matter where you are, even at the North Pole, the anticipation of Santa’s launch builds with each passing hour. We are now less than 10 hours away from Santa’s planned launch time.

It has been an eventful Operation Merry Christmas already. And Santa hasn’t even left the ground yet. In a last minute test flight of the sleigh Elf Vernon went on a reverse world tour culminating in a freak incident that dumped coal on the country of North Korea. What it an accident? Or was it meant to send a message?

Nobody is saying.

What we do know is that Elf Agent X is getting ready to issue a call for more Secret Spies for Santa. A secret spy is an elf and Santa needs a lot of them. They work for Santa where they live, all over the world. Their job is to look for dangers or concerns — and report them to the North Pole.

Are you an elf? If not, now would be the right time to become one. Santa needs you.

Elf Ernest

Far East Asia Wakes to Christmas Eve 2 pre-launch

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Santa Tracking is now being broadcast live from the North Pole at
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