Vietnam Hails Santa


Santa is in Vietnam at the moment and the reindeer are starting to really tire. We can expect a change of reindeer very soon, I’ve heard Santa’s voice on the radio talking to Elf Victor about it.

Kids in Vietnam are providing good food and lots of water for the reindeer. There is quite a bit of bamboo there and the reindeer just love it. While Santa does his visits the reindeer will munch away on the stuff. Santa is so pleased with this team of reindeer and the work they have done he is allowing a gift of 6 bales of bamboo to be loaded on the sleigh from a fan in Vietnam. Isn’t that nice of him?

Santa’s C-team of reindeer is being prepared for flight. I don’t know yet who is on that team but will try to find out for you from Elf Victor.


Elf Ernest

 Tracking Santa 

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