Sending Thanks to Santa

su2015-6The North Pole Post Office gratefully acknowledges the many emails, texts and letters received in the hours since Santa returned home from his merry ride this year. For those commenting that they want a place to easily do that, we point you simply to our email Santa feature.

It is a well deserved weekend off at the North Pole for elves and their families. There was a small clean-up effort in the workshop and at the Claus residence and someone had the idea to reset the countdown clock for Santa’s next launch. But other than those few things folks are taking it easy and enjoying each other’s company after a long and busy season.

Many have written in to ask how the reindeer are. They are doing well, happy to be home at the North Pole after a long absence. They are resting too but seem none worse for the wear after their long ride with Santa too.

The weather outside is still fierce — high winds and blowing snow persists, not that it matters much any more.

It is a happy time, a time to count blessings and to enjoy some time together. We hope you are doing the same with the ones you love.

Merry Christmas all!

— Elf Ernest