Mrs. Claus Steps Up Plans at the North Pole

Happy Friday one and all!

What a busy time all of a sudden at the North Pole.

Late yesterday Mrs. Claus conducted the weekly meeting of all the department heads at the North Pole.

And she just put her foot on the gas.

She has ordered over-time for all elves working at Santa’s Workshop and increased production goals there by 20%.

She asked that orders of tape, wrapping paper and other supplies needed in the Wrapping Department be increased by 25% and to be moved up on the calendar to arrive earlier than ever.

She asked that the Tracking Department accelerate flight training for extra elves needed to pilot sleighs on Christmas Eve.

Mrs. Claus asked for volunteers to start working on Saturdays in all departments effective immediately.

All of a sudden it feels like November around here.

And, oh yeah, it snowed yesterday here at the North Pole.

A lot.

Elf Ernest