No other reindeer

Ask CrashHappy October Greetings!

Elf Crash Murphy answers a question today about the reindeer.

Kids are always asking about the reindeer. Sometimes I think reindeer are more popular than elves.

But this question is a fair question. Why does Santa use the same reindeer every year? Why doesn’t he shake it up a little bit and use some of the other reindeer?

And it is true. You usually read right how about the many thousands of reindeer who help out with Santa in one way or the other every Christmas eve. So this is a very good question (thank you, Florence!).

And I like Crash’s answer. Listen to it below.

Elf Ernest

Kringle Radio News
. Other Reindeer

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  1. ElfChristmasCoookies says:

    Its Called a tradtion!I am so ready for December I wachted the santa clause last night and listened to Christmas music!

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