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10 Months Until Christmas

Greetings! It is a bit of a sad day for us here at the North Pole. Today the reindeer begin their journey back to their homeland. Contrary to popular belief, reindeer are not native to the North Pole. (Few things are, not even penguins).…
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Reindeer Exercise, Eggnog Crisis Deepens

Santa's reindeer are too excited to sleep. The decision was made to get them a little exercise and then try to put them down for a nap again. Getting rest before their long flight is very important. Mrs. Claus says the same thing about Santa,…
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Anxious Reindeer Try to Get Rest

Greetings! With so much happy news breaking here at the North Pole there has been a serious side we have not yet talked about: Santa's reindeer. Like everyone else they are listening to the news reports on Kringle Radio and the news…
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Reindeer Crowding at the North Pole

I'm glad to report today on the reindeer situation at the North Pole. First of all, Santa's reindeer are all well. They have been training hard since September and each one of them are in top condition. The reindeer games this year are going…
Reindeer Ready
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Reindeer Ready to Rock

I've been getting a lot of questions lately about Santa's reindeer. I guess I have been negligent of reporting news of the reindeer so far this year. We told you months ago that the reindeer returned early to the North Pole. That means they…
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Suprise Return of Reindeer

Such big news to report! Yesterday afternoon I was taking a class at the North Pole Flight Command Center. I'm trying to learn to be an air traffic controller here at the North Pole. No, I'm not changing jobs. Santa wants all elves every…
Reindeer Reserves
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Santa Calls in Reserve Reindeer

A couple of hours ago the North Pole Flight Command Center announced that Santa had authorized something called Operation Rudolph. I had to dig a little to find out what it is all about. It's actually a big deal. Santa has basically…
No other reindeer

Why do the same reindeer fly every year?

Happy October Greetings! Elf Crash Murphy answers a question today about the reindeer. Kids are always asking about the reindeer. Sometimes I think reindeer are more popular than elves. But this question is a fair question. Why does…
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Construction Continues Around the Clock at the Sleigh Barn

Okay, okay -- quit pestering me with all the emails! Yes, whatever it is that Santa is building continues to grow here at the North Pole. Next to the Sleigh Barn a giant building has gone up in the past few weeks. Now, it is not as huge…
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Reindeer Take a Bath

Santa's team of reindeer have hit the showers. Well, actually, they are kind of being pampered right now. They are being given a bath, and then will have a rub down. Then they will be groomed, so they look their very best for Santa when…