Santa Calls in Reserve Reindeer

Santa Calls in Reserve Reindeer

Preflight NewsA couple of hours ago the North Pole Flight Command Center announced that Santa had authorized something called Operation Rudolph.

I had to dig a little to find out what it is all about. It’s actually a big deal.

Santa has basically opened the barn doors to all his reindeer ranches through out the world and ordered all those reindeer to come to the North Pole. Basically, he’s putting them to work…doing something.

Santa, of course, doesn’t need all that reindeer power for himself. But clearly he has something else in mind.

I talked to Elf Victor a little while ago and asked him where he was going to put these reindeer once they get here. “Good question!” Elf Victor said, “And how am I going to feed them?”

I have noticed an increase in flights in the past couple of hours leaving the North Pole. I suspect Victor is sending as many teams out on patrol now as he can. Between the in-bound thousands coming in and the weather he will be hard pressed to keep up with the needs of so many reindeer in one place at one time. He’s got no choice but to put them to work now.

Elf Ernest
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Why do the same reindeer fly every year?

Why do the same reindeer fly every year?

Ask CrashHappy October Greetings!

Elf Crash Murphy answers a question today about the reindeer.

Kids are always asking about the reindeer. Sometimes I think reindeer are more popular than elves.

But this question is a fair question. Why does Santa use the same reindeer every year? Why doesn’t he shake it up a little bit and use some of the other reindeer?

And it is true. You usually read right how about the many thousands of reindeer who help out with Santa in one way or the other every Christmas eve. So this is a very good question (thank you, Florence!).

And I like Crash’s answer. Listen to it below.

Elf Ernest

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Construction Continues Around the Clock at the Sleigh Barn

Okay, okay — quit pestering me with all the emails!

Yes, whatever it is that Santa is building continues to grow here at the North Pole. Next to the Sleigh Barn a giant building has gone up in the past few weeks.

Now, it is not as huge as the Building with No Name that was the talk of Christmas a few years ago. But still, it is pretty big and I can tell you right now — so far — that building is empty.

Santa is making no effort to hide what he is doing — even if he isn’t talking about it. All I can tell you is that he and an elf work crew put up that building and now they are locked away behind closed doors in the Sleigh Barn building something else.

Meanwhile, I heard that Santa expects Elf Victor to be coming home in a few days. And, from what I’m being told, he is bringing a lot of reindeer with him.

I don’t know what that is all about either.

We have a lot of reindeer here at the North Pole now and many of them at this time of the year don’t know what to do with themselves. Maybe Victor is bringing them some new friends to play with.

Anyway, I think we need a few days before we know for sure what Santa is building.

We expect to have a lot of news for you during Christmas-in-July. In fact, a lot of fun stuff is planned.

So whatever news this is of Santa I hope he gets it out of the way quickly so we can get on with the fun stuff.

Elf Ernest