Construction Continues Around the Clock at the Sleigh Barn

Okay, okay — quit pestering me with all the emails!

Yes, whatever it is that Santa is building continues to grow here at the North Pole. Next to the Sleigh Barn a giant building has gone up in the past few weeks.

Now, it is not as huge as the Building with No Name that was the talk of Christmas a few years ago. But still, it is pretty big and I can tell you right now — so far — that building is empty.

Santa is making no effort to hide what he is doing — even if he isn’t talking about it. All I can tell you is that he and an elf work crew put up that building and now they are locked away behind closed doors in the Sleigh Barn building something else.

Meanwhile, I heard that Santa expects Elf Victor to be coming home in a few days. And, from what I’m being told, he is bringing a lot of reindeer with him.

I don’t know what that is all about either.

We have a lot of reindeer here at the North Pole now and many of them at this time of the year don’t know what to do with themselves. Maybe Victor is bringing them some new friends to play with.

Anyway, I think we need a few days before we know for sure what Santa is building.

We expect to have a lot of news for you during Christmas-in-July. In fact, a lot of fun stuff is planned.

So whatever news this is of Santa I hope he gets it out of the way quickly so we can get on with the fun stuff.

Elf Ernest

Reindeer Take a Bath

Santa TrackingSanta’s team of reindeer have hit the showers. Well, actually, they are kind of being pampered right now.

They are being given a bath, and then will have a rub down. Then they will be groomed, so they look their very best for Santa when he launches in just a little more than six hours from now.

Normally reindeer don’t like to take baths. But they love this Christmas ritual — they know it sets them apart as something special. The boy reindeer look strong and handsome and the girl reindeer look pretty.

Just as it should be. Santa gives them a very close inspection before he gets into the sleigh.

Elf Ernest

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Reindeer Go Down for Final Nap

Santa TrackingThe reindeer are now trying to take a nap.

With less than 12 hours now before Santa launches from the North Pole it is important for the reindeer to get a good rest.

But Elf Victor says it is hard for them to sleep. They are too excited, he says.

In the life of a reindeer there is no bigger honor than to fly for Santa. Even for those reindeer who have done it for many years it is the most exciting thing in the world when Christmas Eve arrives. They love flying for Santa.

They understand when children cannot fall asleep on Christmas Eve. Reindeer have a hard time with it, too.

Elf Ernest

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Things You Need to Know About Reindeer

Life as an ElfLast Christmas was all about how Santa’s reindeer went missing. Remember that?

It was such a big story that the email questions about reindeer are still pouring in.

There are some things you need to know about reindeer. I think I can answer a lot of your questions right here.

First of all, you might be asking what reindeer have to do with elf life. It is my job after all to write about elf life.

Understand that anyone working for Santa is an elf. Reindeer work for Santa. So technically a reindeer is an elf.

No, reindeer don’t look like other elves. But we have already discussed that elves don’t have to look a particular way to be an elf.

Reindeer and Santa have a very unusual connection. He just understands them. And he loves them.

Santa also understands your curiosity about them. I actually called Santa before I wrote this to tell him some concerns I had about this topic.

Santa explained to me that your curiosity and love of reindeer is actually a good thing. He wants you to understand reindeer because he understands why you might like them so much. He does too.

I asked Santa how he first met the reindeer and how they became elves that work for him.

Santa explained that when he grew up he would see reindeer in the mountains sometimes when he helped a family member herding mountain goats. This is something that back in the old days they would do a lot.

Santa says he studied the reindeer from a distance for a long, long time. He noticed that they were animals that were very in tune with nature and everything around them. For a long time a reindeer will stand still and study everything – the sky, the water, the birds and the sounds of nature.

Santa noticed that they moved very quietly. Often they would move towards danger – not away from it. And this was because, Santa observed, they were smart and trusted their own abilities to keep safe.

Santa told me it took him many years to learn to “speak” reindeer. He said it isn’t actually talking that he does to the reindeer. He said it is more like thinking. He thinks the same time they think and somehow they know how each other thinks.

Santa says the reindeer fly and get him around the world so quickly because they are pure. He said the reindeer have big hearts. They love to serve. And they love to give. And this gives them their powers to help Santa.

Does this mean you could capture a reindeer and teach them to fly?

Santa doesn’t think you should try. He said it took him many, many years to see it happen and he only saw a reindeer fly when THEY trusted Santa. They just won’t fly for everyone, he explains.

Santa also told me to tell you that he appreciates all you do for the reindeer. When you leave out carrots or oats or water for them on Christmas Eve he appreciates it. And he gives it to them.

He says it isn’t the nutrition from this food that helps them as much as the LOVE you put into providing it for them that makes them fly.

Think about that!

Training Schedule Set for Reindeer

Santa's ReindeerMerry Greetings one and all!

We have had some pretty serious snow fall here at the North Pole in the last week or so. That has made the reindeer really frisky.

Elf Victor says he is glad to see that. Now is the time of year when the real serious training is going on.

The newer reindeer should have their flying skills down pretty well now. They are working on their strength and stamina. They are putting in long days right now because they need the muscle to do the job come Christmas Eve.

Each night I see Victor and his reindeer handlers heading back into the barn with some really pooped reindeer. That’s what happens this time of year.

Right around Thanksgiving he will give them a bit of a break. For right now though, these are very long days for those reindeer who will be expected to be in flight for most of December 23rd to December 25th.

Elf Ernest