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Compromise Found in Sleigh Debate 1
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Compromise Found in Sleigh Debate

The debate over Santa's sleigh and when test flights for it will begin is over. Santa has engineered a compromise to begin test flights in July. Santa's sleigh was scheduled to being test flights in September. But a special department…
Mother's Day at the North Pole 2
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Mother's Day at the North Pole

Mother's Day is approaching and the North Pole celebrates it faithfully. In this latest report from North Pole Radio News elves Frank and Crash talk about North Pole plans to celebrate it this weekend and just what Santa does to remind the…
Debate over Santa's Sleigh
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Debate Breaks Out Over Santa's Sleigh

Late last week North Pole Flight Command quietly broke the news of a warning over the plan for Santa's sleigh this year. Since then a debate has erupted over the issue. The warning, given by the Department of Redundancy Department, claims…
Big changes
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Big Changes for Elf Supervisors

Santa finally opened the Elf Supervisor Conference by telling those gathered that the tracker elf program is really only getting started this year. Big changes are in store. That program has been a pilot program for the first five years…
Elf Supervisor Meeting
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Report from the Elf Supervisor Meeting

The Elf Supervisor meeting is underway in Costa Rica and our first report is simple: surf's up! As you can hear in the radio report above things are off to a fun start at the meeting for Elf Supervisors. Santa is in the water and riding the…
Easter Egg Roll
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Easter Egg Roll a Snowy Mess

The big Easter egg roll event at the North Pole ended up a snowy mess as hundreds of families, elves and children in attendance had to battle the elements with their colorful Easter eggs. The Easter Egg Roll is a North Pole Easter tradition.…
Elves Banned from Easter Activities
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Easter at the North Pole

Easter is a big event at the North Pole. Elves and their families, especially the children, gather for a variety of events. On North Pole Radio News today on Kringle Radio, Elves Frank and Crash talk about the big Saturday events at the…
Tracker Elf
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Santa Takes Over the Tracker Elf Project

The tracker elf program is maturing. It began as a test program five years ago on the belief that millions of people around the world would want to become elves to track Santa for Santa. It has proven to be a wildly popular idea and a whole…
Elf Rusty Belz
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Elf Rusty Belz Announces Retirement

Elf Rusty Belz, veteran radio newsman who has served as the voice of North Pole Radio since its inception, has announced his retirement. It is effective immediately. News of his retirement has shocked most at the North Pole. Rusty was…
Visiting the Purchasing Department 3
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Visiting the Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department is my first new department visit of the year. We have been charged in our elf training for this year to visit other departments and learn what they do. I had never heard of the Purchasing Department until Elf Ernest…
North Pole
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North Pole Welcomes Santa Home

News Recap: Santa is welcomed home at the North Pole to cheers. Merry Christmas. Status of Regional Operations - North Pole Flight Command: Fully operational -- **Heavy Snow - Whiteout** - Sector 1 (Oceania): Stand down - mission accomplished,…
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Santa Visits Remote Alaska

News Recap: As Santa visits rural Alaska it appears the new speed record is official. Status of Regional Operations - North Pole Flight Command: Fully operational -- **Heavy Snow - Whiteout** - Sector 1 (Oceania): Stand down - mission…