Why Reindeer are Elves
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Reindeer Are Elves
Reindeer Are Elves 1

Reindeer are elves. This is a fact many people are not aware of.

When most think of elves they tend to think of helpers in Santa’s workshop. But as we have tried to teach for many years now an elf can be anywhere in the world and an elf can do all manner of special jobs for Santa. Reindeer fall into that category. Of course, they do a very special work for Santa.

In this episode of the North Pole Podcast Elf Frank talks to Elf Crash about reindeer. Crash shares the story and his experiences with his personal reindeer. One of his reindeer is very old and her name is Billie. The other is fairly young and his name is Tank. Tank was injured and he ended up working for Crash.

In this episode you get to learn all about Billie and Tank. Their stories, according to Crash, are pretty normal compared to most reindeer at the North Pole.

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