Elves Staying Healthy

Hi all,

Elves in Santa’s workshop have gone into isolation. They are working. But they have cut themselves off from contact with anyone else.

At least for a while.

They are doing this, of course, to avoid coming down to the Bah Humbug Virus.

The brave elves have stockpiled food and locked the doors. They work as much as they can and they sleep on the floor up in the break room.

We’re not sure if Santa knows about this year. If not, he’ll read the news when he gets up, just as many of you are doing.

We’ll see what he says about all this.

Meanwhile, Elf Dr. Lionel over at the North Pole Medical Center has started meeting with elves who think they are ready to come back to work.

Dr. Lionel wants to be very careful that these elves are no longer contagious. So he is sending them to work on small projects that they can do at home while they await test results. It takes about 72 hours to confirm that they are free of the virus.

Once that comes back clear they are able to return to their normal stations.

The workshop expects to have as many as 30 elves returning to work by this Friday.

Elf Ernest

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