Christmas Eve Begins! 1

It is now Christmas Eve along the International Dateline in the Pacific and that means several milestone in tracking Santa:

1. Santa tracker elves in Sector 1 are now active and in “The Red Zone”, as we like to call it.
2. The Tracking Santa Radio Show has now started on Kringle Radio! From this point forward we will receive live radio news reports from around the world.
3. It is 20 hours until Santa launches…but we have a lot more to talk about than a flying sleigh!

This is where it gets fun!

Elf Ernest




About the Tracking Santa Live Radio Broadcast


Santa: Resting at the North Pole
Sector 1 – Oceania, Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific: ACTIVE
Sector 2 – Asia & The Middle East: CHECKING IN
Sector 3 – Europe & Africa: CHECKING IN
Sector 4 – Atlantic, Greenland & South America: CHECKING IN
Sector 5 – Central & North America: CHECKING IN


~ North Pole Flight Command – News of Santa’s Flight, reindeer, sleigh and bedtime advisories
~ – Department of Elf Resources, North Pole. Become an Elf
~ – Track Santa for Santa (Elves only)
Christmas Eve

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