Tracking Santa App Podcast
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Podcast Updates the Tracking Santa App

The Tracking Santa app was released to testers about a week ago. Right now about 100 people are using the app on their phones and testing its functions. You can hear new details about the app from a podcast just released by North Pole Radio…
Epic Food Fight at the North Pole
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The Biggest Food Fight in North Pole History

The biggest food fight in North Pole history happened at the North Pole as part of the annual Halloween Party. It may not be right to call this a food fight. It happens every year, everyone comes ready for it and everyone stays to help clean…
Test Pilots Home for Halloween
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Test Pilots Home for Halloween

Santa's sleigh's test pilots are home for Halloween. As announced the other day by North Pole Flight Command Santa asked them to take a day or two off to celebrate Halloween with everyone else at the North Pole. Fortunately for us, the guys…
Personal Visits with Santa Going Fast 1
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Personal Visits with Santa Going Fast

The schedule for personal visits with Santa is filling up fast. Since launching the featuring earlier this week fans of Santa have signed up in huge numbers. The free service was launched by Santa Claus and the North Pole as a means of helping…
Costume Craziness
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Elves Creating Halloween Costumes This Week

The North Pole is busy this week as elves are creating Halloween costumes like crazy. How can we tell it's crazy? Because it is so quiet. Some elves have taken the week off and many are holed up in home workshops creating their Halloween…
Santa, the North Pole, and the Virus
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Santa, the North Pole and the Virus

Greetings! The questions we are receiving about Santa, the North Pole and the virus are overwhelming the North Pole Post Office these days. Santa very much understands your concerns. After all, you are dealing with incredible disruptions…
Track Santa Again
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Party Time as Elves Gather to Track Santa Again

It's party time at the North Pole as elves have gathered together with their pillows and sleeping bags at the North Pole Community Center. They are holding a little listen party to Kringle Radio's replay of Santa's flight around the world. You…
Tracking Department Gets Busy
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Tracking Efforts Underway Already

Despite it being Christmas in July and the fact that Toyvember is underway a team of elves in leadership at the North Pole decided to get to work today on their efforts in the Tracking Department. As you know, the Tracking Department is one…
Tracking Santa Video
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Tracking Santa Video Surprises the North Pole

Our friends at released a video put together featuring the voices of North Pole Radio news. Someone here at the North Pole saw on social media and copied it. The video was played at the meeting being held by the radio elves…
North Pole News
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Christmas in July Surprise from Santa

Happy Christmas-in-July greetings to you from the North Pole where we just barely got some exciting news. Well, exciting news for the elves, that is. I got an email from Santa telling me to let everyone know at the North Pole that he has…
Santa in Australia 3