What to Feed the Reindeer
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What to Feed the Reindeer on Christmas Eve

Later tonight Mrs. Claus will be in North Pole Chat to discuss two things - cookies for Santa and what to feed the reindeer on Christmas Eve. I can tell you that most people always remember the cookies for Santa. But reindeer food is nearly…
How Can it Be Christmas Eve? 1
An Update on Donner 3
Christmas Eve Begins 4
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Christmas Eve Begins

It may not be Christmas Eve where you or...or maybe it is! This why we posted about Sectors yesterday. We want you to understand just where it is Christmas and where it is not. For some folks, it has started. Here is the latest Kringle Radio…
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Santa Begins Efforts to Recruit Tracker Elves

One of the big secrets of the North Pole Tracking Department has been revealed. In the past week elves have quietly opened a new website designed to manage and recruit millions of new Santa tracker elves. The site is called…


Flying Behind Santa on Christmas Eve

Flying Behind Santa on Christmas Eve

Flying behind Santa on Christmas Eve is like watching your favorite Christmas movie. Now you don't have to dream about. You can hear about it from the Elf who actually does it. Imagine being the elf who follows Santa's sleigh on Christmas…