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Extra Sleighs Taking Up Valuable Space

Hi ho! A couple of months ago I shared with you about the big project at the North Pole that Santa began – thousands of sleighs being built and painted different colors. Remember when I told you about the big barn Santa built to store…
Sleigh Building at the North Pole
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Sleigh Building Continues at the North Pole

Hi everyone! Another large load of lumber was delivered to the North Pole this week – and the sleigh building continues at the North Pole. With Santa gone, Mrs. Claus has overtaken the project. Today she met with Elf Quinton and…
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Sleighs! Santa is Building a Fleet of Sleighs

They have run out of room in the Sleigh Barn. And now we know what the big construction project is all about -- sleighs! Santa late yesterday made an announcement and invited everyone over to the Sleigh Barn where he proudly showed off the…