Every year Santa pauses for a bit in Israel to visit the birth place of Jesus. This year he also stopped for a while in Jerusalem, where he met with Mrs. Claus to visit the Garden Tomb.

“Mrs. Claus has long told me she wanted to visit these places with me, especially on Christmas,” Santa said when I talked to him by radio. “So, as a Christmas present this year I asked her to meet me here. I’m glad I did. It is always a special place to visit and one I think people should try to visit if their lifetime if they can.”

While I had Santa on the radio I asked him how things were going. He said he felt that things were going very well. I told him we were receiving many emails concerned about him and how tired he must be but Santa just laughed it off and said he was just fine.

— Elf Ernest

Santa Stops in Bethlehem, Jerusalem with Mrs. Claus 1