1Hi everyone!

It is a blessed day of rest here at the North Pole and all are taking long naps and writing out Christmas cards.

Santa will be attending the World’s Largest Christmas Party today, where he is scheduled to chat with any folks that want to stop by and ask questions.

Santa will be chatting at 6pm local time for New Zealand and Australia.
Santa will be chatting at Noon local time for the UK and all of Europe.
Santa will be chatting at 3pm EST for North and South America.

Please click on the chat graphic at the right to access the chat areas.

Elf Hugo met with Santa late last night to prepare him for some of the questions he might be receiving. Over at the North Pole post office Elf Hugo sees all the mail that comes into the North Pole. He said there are a lot of great questions from kids this year.

Santa says he will do his best to answer the questions as they come up.

Elf Ernest

Question of the Day: What do elves like to eat at Christmas?