12Merry Christmas!

The ever growing mountain of coal out by the Big Building with No Name continues to grow. It just gets bigger and bigger. For months now a convoy of sleighs keeps arriving at the North Pole bringing more and more of the stuff.

Experts who track Santa and understand the history of the workings at the North Pole are completely baffled by these developments this year. It just does not make sense.

What is all that coal for?

We still haven’t been told. The lights are on at the Big Building with No Name and there are elves running in and out of that building now. But we still don’t know what is going on inside there.

We just know that coal has something to do with it.

Elf Ernest

Coming up next: A check-in on the test flight of Santa’s sleigh

Listen to an interview with a coal technician at the North Pole:


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Coal Mystery at North Pole Baffles Experts

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