Crews are cheering wildly at the North Pole and elves everywhere here are breathing a sigh of relief: the reindeer are back!

That giant air mass was actually thousands and thousands of Santa’s reindeer in flight — a sight never before seen as they moved in one giant flock to return to the North Pole. Normally they are spready out during flight operations but incoming to the North Pole tonight they came as one unit — a thrilling sight we may never see again.

To say they were welcomed with open arms is an understatement. They were immediately assigned to locations where they could be quickly assessed and then given work assignments. Elf Victor says that the reindeer are in amazing condition and are ready to go to work.

Elf Ernest
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North Pole Weather: -21 degrees F, *** Overcast *** **BLIZZARD WARNING**
Where it is Christmas Eve: Majuro, Magadan, Suva, Wellington, Nukualofa, Kiritimati, Samoa
Bedtime Warnings: None yet

BREAKING NEWS -- Reindeer Return to the North Pole 1

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BREAKING NEWS -- Reindeer Return to the North Pole 2

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BREAKING NEWS — Reindeer Return to the North Pole

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