Operation Merry Christmas

Tracking SantaHappy, happy Everyone!

Just when we were starting to forget about the Merry Prankster he strikes again. And once again he has everyone here laughing.

Today after lunch some magnificent looking cupcakes were served.

They were huge and they were expertly decorated. The workshop guys couldn’t wait to get their hands on them.

But when they went to put them in their mouths they made all kinds of sour faces.

The frosting was made of mayonnaise!

It took a few minutes before everyone figured it out because not every cupcake was made that way – just every third cupcake. Some were made with regular sugar and they were fabulous. Others were made of mayonnaise and they were nasty.

Once that got sorted out everyone had a good laugh.

But Mrs. Claus was NOT happy. She wants to know how someone got into the kitchen to do something like that.

The North Pole Police department is on the case.

You can listen to the North Pole Radio News Department report of this incident. It happened right in front of Elf Crash Murphy, who is featured in the report below.

Elf Ernest

Operation Merry Christmas

Elves Laugh about Mayonnaise Cupcakes 1
Kringle Radio News
. Mayonnaise Cupcakes
Elves Laugh about Mayonnaise Cupcakes 2
Elves Laugh about Mayonnaise Cupcakes 3
Elves Laugh about Mayonnaise Cupcakes 4
Elves Laugh about Mayonnaise Cupcakes 5

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