Reindeer Games Begin

Tracking SantaGreetings all!

The Reindeer Games began today under tight security and heavy weather. There are high winds and snowy skies today.

Only authorized personnel are allowed anywhere near the reindeer and elves have to watch the games on local television here.

The fear, of course, is that the Merry Prankster will do something to interrupt the games.

Elf Victor says that despite all the concerns about security the games are a very popular event at the North Pole. Elves will walk towards the fair grounds where the games are held on their lunch hour or after their shift to check on the reindeer and see how the games are progressing. Elves love the reindeer and are very interested in how well they do.

Almost every elf has a favorite reindeer.

The odds-on favorite to win the games is Donner, who has won these games many times before. He’s very powerful.

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