Santa Leaving the North Pole

Beardless SantaYikes !!!

He did it.

Santa DID cut his hair and DID shave off his beard.

His chin is as bald as a baby’s backside.

He looks so different!

And his announcement shocked everyone.

Santa is leaving the North Pole.

On Monday the 24th, just five months before Christmas, Santa plans to leave on an extended trip.

On foot.


Without a beard.

Yeah, it’s weird.

Santa explained this journey as kind of like going back to school.

He used to do this years and years ago.

He’d take off for a couple of weeks and just hike and camp in the outdoors over the summer break.

But this trip is different.

Santa plans to visit some far places and meet people in strange lands.

He doesn’t want to be recognized and that’s why he shaved off his beard.

He leaves on Monday and will be back sometime this fall, he says.

It was not a happy announcement.

Usually when Santa makes an announcement at the North Pole people cheer and clap.

But this time, Santa stepped up to the microphone and said, “I have announcement to make, everyone!”

The room got quiet and Elf Freddy said, “Who are you?”

Then Santa made his announcement.

And nobody clapped.

Probably because nobody knew he was Santa.

Elf Ernest