Mrs. Claus Fires Up the Ovens

Happy greetings!

It is a new day at the North Pole as Mrs. Claus today announced she was firing up her ovens and making her Christmas cookies.

She really hasn’t had a chance to do that much this year and so many elves have been sick that not many would have eaten them if she had made them.

But today she is calling them “good medicine” and she plans to hand out cookies like crazy.

Elf Fiona thought it an excellent idea. Fiona works in the Elf Cafeteria and she said that when she put up a sign stating warm cookies from Mrs. Claus would be ready before Noon there was a cheer that went up from the workshop.

In other news we learned that the Wrapping Department and the North Pole Post Office are both nearing full staffing levels. This is very good news.

Elf Victor today told me he was very close to sending the reindeer away from the North Pole. He said he was going to call Santa about it.

But when Santa was here the other night he told Victor to just wait and that this sickness thing will just blow over.

I’m thinking Santa is right. I’m seeing how many elves are hard at work and you cannot even tell any of them were sick at all.

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