Setting Up Your Home Tracking Center 1
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Setting Up Your Home Tracking Center

One of the more serious topics consistently pursued at among tracker elves is the setup and design of the home tracking center. It is a topic of interest as well to casual trackers of Santa, too. What does it look like?…
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December Chats Scheduled

Two new chats have been scheduled for December in North Pole Chat (typically the toughest time of year to schedule a chat!). Elf Ernest, Santa’s Senior Vice President of Public Relations, will be here to discuss his 32 years of history…
Vixen Flies for the First Time This Year 2
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Vixen Flies for the First Time This Year

North Pole Flight Command has reported good news from Santa’s Stables about the progress Vixen is making in recovery of surgery she had over the summer. Today Vixen is having another workout, this time to see how she flies for the first…
3 Weeks Until Christmas 3
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3 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi everybody! There are three weeks left now until Christmas and it’s a great time to be an elf! I cannot tell you how great the energy is now at the North Pole. We’ve done a good job with Operation Merry Christmas so far this year…
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Alternative Transportation Santa Uses

Santa Claus is known around the world for his iconic sleigh pulled by legendary reindeer. That aspect of Santa’s travels will never change. But did you know that Santa uses alternative modes of transportation as part of his merry journey every…
Why Stocking Mail is Not Used All the Time 4
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Why Stocking Mail is Not Used All the Time

The North Pole Post Office is one of the busiest departments at the North Pole. It is operating at full capacity right now as believers around the world send mail to Santa. In years past we have explained how Stocking Mail, a revolutionary…
Rudolph Tests Out Other Colors 5
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Rudolph Tests Out Other Colors

A strange test flight of sorts took place late last night in snowy North Pole skies. Using a light sleigh with special cameras installed Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer practiced take-offs-and-landings in the harsh weather using different colored…
Weather Forecast
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Rough Weather Forecast for December

In a weekly meeting of officials at North Pole Flight Command the Weather Department warned of severe weather at the North Pole lasting as long as eight weeks. Obviously, this covers the time period of Santa’s launch and the entirety…
Eggnog Crisis at the North Pole 6
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Eggnog Crisis at the North Pole

The makers of Elf Eggnog are warning North Pole residents there may be a shortage of their eggnog in the coming weeks. An early winter, a shortage of Montana-grown grain customarily used at North Pole dairies and a hearty appetite for…
Santa's Sleigh
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25 Days to Santa's Launch

There are now just 25 days left until Santa launches from the North Pole. For over 11 months there have been markers along the way to Santa’s launch. Now it is getting very, very close. Today, at the 25-day mark, there are signs…
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Worries About Vixen

Vixen is not doing well. Elf Victor, head elf of Reindeer Operations at the North Pole, said in North Pole chat yesterday that Vixen is “iffy for Christmas Eve”. He explained that her surgery last summer was more serious than expected…
All About Your Christmas Tree 7
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All About Your Christmas Tree

We are now just 4 weeks until Christmas! Hi everyone. Elf Ernest here, filling in for Elf Trixie this week. By tradition, on the Sunday after Thanksgiving every year, Santa has us make an important post all about the Christmas tree. Why?…