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History of Christmas-in-July at the North Pole

Christmas-in-July has begun at the North Pole and there are activities going on everywhere. Christmas-in-July is a time of both celebration and preparation at the North Pole. Santa this year has asked elves to have their vacations done before…
Flight Command
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Flight Command Tense

Conditions in North Pole Flight Command are so uptight right now that Elf Crash Murphy reports that he cannot even get inside. In the radio news report filed just a short time ago on Kringle Radio Elves Frank and Crash talk about Flight Command…
Chat Recap - Frank and Crash
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Chat Recap from Leon Day with Frank and Crash

Elves Frank Myrrh and Crash Murphy hosted a chat in North Pole Chat today to discuss upcoming events during Christmas in July and to catch up on North Pole News since both were out on vacation. They stirred up a hornet's nest, it seems, when…
6 Months Until Christmas
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6 Months Until Christmas

There are six months until Christmas and that means it's Leon Day! Actually, there are 48 hours to the celebration of Leon Day. It is June 24th and June 25th - both are equally important in the countdown to Christmas. We are pleased…
27 Weeks Until Christmas 1
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27 Weeks Until Christmas

Hello, fellow fans of Santa! 27 weeks remain until Christmas but if you’ve been around the North Pole lately it feels like Christmas is so far away. That’s because so many elves are out on vacation. In fact, I think Santa and Mrs.…
200 Days to Santa's Launch 2
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200 Days to Santa's Launch

200 days to Santa's launch, kids. Ha! You thought I missed this week, didn't you? Well, I fooled you. I waited until today because its 200 days to Santa's launch and that's a big day here at the North Pole.   I went over to…
Leon Day Weekend Chats
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Leon Day Weekend Chats Scheduled

Chats of a special variety have been scheduled for the weekend of Leon Day. On Saturday, July 25th - also known as Leon Day at the North Pole and around the world (Leon is Noel spelled backwards) - at 10 am EST North Pole Chat will feature…
Christmas in July News 3
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Christmas in July News

Christmas in July is the 2nd biggest news month of the year. In the North Pole Radio News report for today you can hear Elf Frank Myrrh discuss that with professor of North Pole History, Elf Dr. Grant Smedley. Dr. Smedley said Christmas in…
30 Weeks Until Christmas 4
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30 Weeks Until Christmas

There are 30 weeks until Christmas, guys. You realize we almost half way there? That officially comes in a month on Leon Day. I’m still trying to comprehend Leon Day. I think Frank and Crash are going to do a podcast about it but I…
7 Months Until Christmas 5
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7 Months Until Christmas

Greetings! There are now 7 months left until Christmas – and it kinda feels like it. There are several reasons for that. First of all, the long Toyvember is over. Elves who have been gone for three months working on Toyvember are…
Mrs. Claus chat recap
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Chat Recap with Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus visited North Pole Chat today and discussed a variety of topics, including the cooking and eating habits of Santa. (Santa was at home grilling today, something that he loves to do). Also discussed is the fact that she is a…
31 Weeks
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31 Weeks Until Christmas

31 weeks until Christmas now – tell everyone you know! Greetings, friends! As advertised, I made my way over to Santa’s Workshop this week. I was SHOCKED to see how busy they are. It’s truly amazing. Elves everywhere. Sawdust…