Blitzen Wins Reindeer Games
Rudolph Excels
Reindeer Games Begin
Secret Santa Mania

Every Elf a Secret Santa

Hi friends! It is a beautiful clear day at the North Pole -- a rare sight this time of year. Of course it is dark all the time now so when I say it is a clear day that means we can see the stars. It's beautiful. There is a new fad sweeping…
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Lots of Talk About Santa's Sleigh

Happy Monday! By all appearances things are well at the North Pole. Santa's Workshop is ahead of schedule, the reindeer are in training for the Reindeer Games and it appears that even the North Pole Post Office is handling the volume of mail…

The Importance of the Christmas Tree

Greetings and Happy December to you! I have received a lot of email about this post. It is a tradition that on the Sunday after Thanksgiving we send Santa's annual message about the Christmas tree. And yes, this is it. It is yet another…
Letters to Santa
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Writing to Santa

Hi all, I stopped by the North Pole Post Office late yesterday and talked for a bit with Elf Hugo. It is very clear that the North Pole Post Office is already hard at work and have been for weeks. I asked Hugo if he was ready and he told…