47 Weeks
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47 Weeks Until Christmas

47 weeks now are left until Christmas and 5 whole weeks of this year are behind us. January, kids, is nearly a memory. I really have been enjoying the stories coming from Elf Crash Murphy about Santa’s flight. It is interesting, however,…
Santa's Flight
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What Happens on Santa's Flight

Elf Crash Murphy was our first guest of the New Year in North Pole Chat. His purpose in this discussion was to talk about things that happened during Santa's flight this past Christmas. Here is a transcript of that conversation: Crash…
11 Months Until Christmas 1
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11 Months Until Christmas

There are 11 months until Christmas, friends. Can you believe we are already a full month into the New Year? Well, a full month for us. 11 months from today we’ll be tracking Santa again. The North Pole is just a big machine that…
48 Weeks Until Christmas
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48 Weeks Until Christmas

Our countdown now stands at 48 weeks until Christmas and THAT is the most important thing to know right now. Ever since I started doing the weekly countdown here at SantaUpdate.com I started getting mail. This week I got a letter with…
49 Weeks Until Christmas 2
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49 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi ho! Just 49 weeks to go…until Christmas. That 49 weeks is going to go fast if things don’t get organized around here. Right, there’s chaos. Elf Roger Star, the International Director of Santa Trackers, made an announcement…
50 Weeks
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50 Weeks Until Christmas

There are 50 weeks until Christmas, friends. It feels funny to write that. It seems so far away and yet, to me, it feels like Christmas can come tomorrow. Santa told me I’d feel this way. You see, this year, 2023, will be my fourth…
Tracking Santa Live on Kringle Radio 3
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Tracking Santa Live on Kringle Radio

The annual Tracking Santa Around the World radio broadcast is now live on Kringle Radio. The program runs for two full days and is heard in more than 150 countries around the world. Worldwide Status Update – North Pole Flight Command:…
Santa Launches in 24 Hours 4
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Santa Launches in 24 Hours

Santa launches from the North Pole in just 24 hours. It will still be December 23rd in some parts of the world but for those west of the International Dateline in the deep South Pacific it will be December 24th. Christmas Eve is when Santa…
Tracker Elves Checking In 5
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Tracker Elves Checking In

Tracker elves around the world are checking in, ready to track Santa for Santa on this “day before the day before the day before”, as Elf Frank Myrrh says in the North Pole Radio News report above. This is an important marker. If…
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Santa Officially Names His Starting Reindeer

Santa has named the reindeer who will be flying him around the world when he launches later this week. As the North Pole Radio News report above says, there are no surprises. They are: Rudolph Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen …
Christmas is Sneaking Up on You 6
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Christmas is Sneaking Up on You

Christmas is sneaking up on a lot of folks. A report today from the North Pole Post Office indicates that some people do not realize Christmas is as close as it is. There even seems to be some anxiety about it. Santa says to relax. In…
North Pole Post Office Encourages Mail for Santa 7
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North Pole Post Office Encourages Mail for Santa

The North Pole Post Office reports record levels of mail incoming for Santa today. In fact, today is the busiest day of the year so far. Elf Hugo says his teams are fully staffed and while very busy they are so far able to keep up. There…