29 Weeks Until Christmas 1
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29 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi guys! There are just 29 weeks until Christmas left. It has been a quiet week at the North Pole. Actually, no it has not been a quiet week. It’s really been very busy. It’s just been all business. The test flights of Santa’s…
Santa Makes a Request 2
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Santa Makes a Request

Mrs. Claus has relayed a request from Santa just as the test flights for Santa’s new sleigh are about to begin. She has asked North Pole Flight Command to prepare a special radio unit that will allow Santa to listen in on flight communications…
30 Weeks Until Christmas 3
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30 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi gang. Just 30 weeks now until Christmas! You know, it’s kinda been like Christmas to me this week. It got to spend some quality time with “my” reindeer, Trixie. As you may have heard, North Pole Flight Command just announced…
Special Leon Day Chat 4
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Special Leon Day Chat

Leon Day will be celebrated on June 24th and June 25th at the North Pole. Our first announced event is a special North Pole Chat that will feature not one but THREE North Pole elves. This special North Pole Chat is scheduled for Saturday,…
Operation Merry Christmas
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Update on Operation Merry Christmas

Operation Merry Christmas is ending its fifth month in the countdown to Christmas this year. Elf Ernest gave a little bit of an update on the 24th of what Santa’s Workshop, the Wrapping Department and the North Pole Post Office are up to.…
7 Months Until Christmas 5
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7 Months Until Christmas

There are now just 7 months until Christmas and there are big signs the season is, believe it or not, drawing closer. No there are no decorations yet hung and while there is Christmas music every day on Kringle Radio there is not a Christmas…
31 Weeks Until Christmas 6
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31 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi everyone, there’s 31 weeks to go until Christmas. I was going to write about some of our plans for Christmas in July but instead I’ve got to tell you what happened to me yesterday. I didn’t attend the North Pole Chat with Elf…
Santa Drops Clues in North Pole Chat 7
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Santa Drops Clues in North Pole Chat

Santa Claus made a surprise appearance today in North Pole Chat, which was originally scheduled as a feature with Elf Crash Murphy. Santa is the subject of a worldwide search as a training exercise for several North Pole Departments. He has…
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Chat Recap: Santa Drops in On Elf Crash's Chat

The monthly chat from the North Pole featured Elf Crash Murphy. It was a normal, well-attended chat that was running along as expected until a very unexpected visitor showed up: Elf Ernest Our chat with Elf Crash Murphy begins at the…
Santa Sighting in South Africa
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A Close Encounter with Santa

Santa Claus was seen, and talked to, by a genuine North Pole Elf away on business in the country of South Africa. Elf Petey LaCroix, a well-known professional tracker elf who is sometimes heard on Christmas Eve on the Tracking Santa Around…
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32 Weeks Until Christmas

Happy 32 weeks until Christmas, folks. And Happy Mother’s Day to those out there celebrating their Mom’s this week. We get that question a lot, by the way: Do Santa and Mrs. Claus have children? And the answer is yes, they do. But,…
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Maybe Santa Was Not in Mexico

There is a possibility that Santa never went to Mexico and is actually somewhere still in Asia or round about. Elf Crash Murphy gives a full explanation in the North Pole Radio News Report available in the player above. The search for Santa…