Eight Months Until Christmas

Eight Months Until Christmas

Greetings! Welcome to what we call the “bottom of the year”.

We don’t know why it is but every year at this time and for the next six to eight weeks or so things kind of slow down for us at the North Pole.

Well, not for US. For YOU!

For some reason, the second half of April until about the middle of June we get less mail, fewer phone calls and, well, just less feedback from folks around the world.

It is kind like we disappear or people lose our phone number of something.

Santa has always says it is a change of season thing. In some parts of the world the winter is ending and the days are getting warmer and longer. In other parts of the world, it is autumn and the days are still warm but getting a little shorter.

It is a time of great weather and lots of activities that do not lead people to think much of Christmas.

I think that is an interesting theory.

Santa is right. When there is snow on the ground many tend to think of Christmas and Santa and the North Pole. But in other parts of the world people think of the beach and sun and hot days when it comes to Santa. But when the days are in between – not hot, but not cold – maybe that causes people to think of Christmas a little less.

I talked to Elf Hugo at the North Pole Post Office about it. He agrees a little bit. But he brought up a good point too. While not as much mail comes in for Santa the mail that does arrive is very different than the mail in November and December.

He said kids these days tend to write REALLY long letters to Santa at this time of the year. Again, Hugo can’t tell me why and we can’t exactly figure it out.

Well, wherever you are I want you to know that even if you might be a little distracted with other activities now, we are still thinking of you and working hard toward our Christmas goals. Things are going very well – as they tend to at this time of the year.

Next month I will catch you up on the plans for summer at the North Pole, including how we are going to help move Santa from his old workshop into his new workshop.

Elf Ernest

10 Months Until Christmas

10 Months Until Christmas

Hi everyone!

Today marks the ten month mark to Christmas and you wouldn’t believe how busy things are here at the North Pole.

Santa’s new workshop plans have created a big hole in the calendar. He thinks some time in July his new workshop will be finished so they have been trying to figure out how to make the change from the old workshop to the new workshop. Some think it can be done without shutting anything down. Others think that all work on making new things will have to stop for a few days so that they can move stuff like tools and materials.

There is a big ten-day block of time marked off on the calendar and Santa hasn’t yet told us what that time is for or how all this will work. That has some elves worrying.

Elves tend to worry when they don’t know the plan.

But have no fear. If there is one thing Santa is an expert at it is making plans. I’m sure he has it figured out in his head and will tell us soon.

Here in my little world we have been making plans too.

I had my annual review with Santa. That always makes me a little nervous. I want to do my job well and I try very hard. But it is hard sometimes to hear where things might have gone better and I can think of many ways where we shared the news last year and it could have been better.

Don’t worry. Santa was very kind to me in my review.

But his big suggestion — and I think it is a good one — is finding new ways to answer all the questions that people send in.

We have tried many things in the past, even using elves like Ed Zachary and Crash Murphy in the effort. But we are exploring some new things and new ways to do that for this year.

I can’t tell you yet what those news things will be.

But I promise. We will have MORE answers to MORE questions this year than any year we have had in the past. We’re working very hard on that right now and will be making some announcements later this year.

So stay tuned!

Until then, merriest greetings from the North Pole!

Elf Ernest

11 Months Until Christmas

11 Months Until Christmas

Hi ho! Just 11 months from today…it’s Christmas Eve!

Think about it: in just 11 months we’ll be live on the radio, tracking Santa all over again.

I was in a meeting this week and we were talking about the radio program we offer every Christmas Eve from Kringle Radio right here at the North Pole. Did you know it was heard in more than 140 countries around the world this past year?

Isn’t that terrific?

Elves here are very excited to be planning next Christmas already. Everything from toy to cookie production has been discussed this week. Big plans. Big dreams. I can tell it is going to be a great, great Christmas.

As Elf Ed Zachary wrote the other day January has been a period of play time for a lot of us here at the North Pole. Santa sometimes calls it “training”. He just believes that when you work hard you play hard and this has been a period of hard play. There has been a lot of games, a lot of snowball fights, a lot of just enjoying each other’s company.

It’s a good feeling.

But I get a sense that some are ready to get down to work. Our plans are starting to transition into lists. And lists mean tasks. And tasks mean…we need to get busy!

For many around the world a new countdown to Christmas has begun. To us, we love that. The numbers look huge but we know before we know it Christmas will be here again.

And it is exciting. It is always exciting.

Hope your January is going well!

Elf Ernest