Five Months Until Christmas 1
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3 Months Until Christmas

3 months until Christmas! Greetings! It's getting to that exciting time of the year, folks. There have been a lot of great news stories already this month. So many good things are happening. Are you following along with the path of the…
Five Months Until Christmas 2
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Recruiting of New Tracker Elves Going Well

A report from North Pole Flight Command late yesterday indicates that recruiting of new tracker elves is off to a splendid start this year. Santa set the goal of having 40 million tracker elves this year and the report says they passed the 31…
Five Months Until Christmas 3
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Tracking Santa App to be Released Soon

We are pleased to announce that soon a Tracking Santa app will be released for mobile users. While all of our North Pole websites are mobile friendly we know many users want a faster, more nimble resource for quickly seeing Santa's flight…
Five Months Until Christmas 4
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Tracking Santa by Text Opens Early

Tracking Santa by text has opened early this year. has launched the service much earlier this year due to requests from site visitors. As with other North Pole features this one has been revised and expanded. If you visit…
New Elves

New Elves Expected by the Millions

The North Pole is expecting a flood of new elves in the weeks ahead as the Christmas season quickly approaches. Santa set a goal of 40 million total Santa Trackers needed this year in support of his annual flight. That means roughly 15 million…
North Pole Post Office Opens
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North Pole Post Office Opens on Santa Update

The North Pole Post Office on Santa Update is now open! We are very excited to announce the following new features never before available on Santa Update: Shoutouts - This new feature is a quick communication for our site users who send…
User Activity High

User Activity Triples Overnight

We have seen an unusual spike in user activity on our websites in the past couple of days. Engineers at North Pole Flight Command and in the North Pole News Department are trying to understand it. "We quietly published a new episode of the…
North Pole Flight Command
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North Pole Flight Command Launches a New Site

North Pole Flight Command has now opened a brand new website. The new site is located at North Pole Flight Command is one of the largest departments here at the North Pole. Simply put, it is their job to help Santa…
North Pole Bursting with Activity

Busy Times at the North Pole

Greetings! Boy, busy times are upon us! Don't be alarmed...I just wanted to give you a heads up that you can expect a lot of announcements during the month of September. There are many things going on that I am sure you will be interested…
Five Months Until Christmas 5

4 Months Until Christmas

Hi Everyone! Happy 4 months until Christmas! Can you believe it? I must apologize for not bringing forth much news lately. There are so many things going on and so much stuff for me to catch up on with you. I actually had to make a list: …
150 Days Until Santa Launches
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Santa Launches in 150 Days

We have reached an important milestone today: it is now just 150 days until Santa launches. While the rest of the North Pole wraps up Christmas-in-July today I am at the North Pole Flight Command Center preparing for a bunch of meetings that…
Five Months Until Christmas 6

Five Months Until Christmas

Happy Five Months until Christmas! The 24th of July every year is a great day. It is the biggest day of Christmas in July. Yesterday afternoon, as some were napping while listening to Santa tracking on Kringle Radio, Mrs. Claus showed up…