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Operation Merry Christmas Kicks Off

Greetings and welcome to the first day of Operation Merry Christmas 2018! Everyone was back at work today after a snowy day off of Thanksgiving fun. The North Pole Post Office was the first crew on the job, checking in last night at 12:01…
Reindeer Ready
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Reindeer Ready to Rock

I've been getting a lot of questions lately about Santa's reindeer. I guess I have been negligent of reporting news of the reindeer so far this year. We told you months ago that the reindeer returned early to the North Pole. That means they…
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What to Feed Reindeer

We have noticed a big increase in traffic to the website since Halloween and with it have come even more questions for Elf Crash. Today's question is a classic: What do you feed Santa's reindeer on Christmas Eve? This is a question we…
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Suprise Return of Reindeer

Such big news to report! Yesterday afternoon I was taking a class at the North Pole Flight Command Center. I'm trying to learn to be an air traffic controller here at the North Pole. No, I'm not changing jobs. Santa wants all elves every…
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Sleigh Gets a Name, Launch Imminent

I always love this moment. Take a listen: -- Elf Ernest The Big Map | North Pole Flight Command | Certified Santa Trackers
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Reindeer Hitched to Sleigh

Santa, the sleigh and the reindeer are at this very moment in the sleigh barn getting things ready to launch. Santa is harnessing the reindeer one by one, gently talking to each one as he goes. This is one of my favorite things to see all…
Reindeer Reserves
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Santa Calls in Reserve Reindeer

A couple of hours ago the North Pole Flight Command Center announced that Santa had authorized something called Operation Rudolph. I had to dig a little to find out what it is all about. It's actually a big deal. Santa has basically…
North Pole Weather
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Santa Trackers Activated World Wide

The North Pole Flight Command Center is all lit up tonight as elves working maps, computers with weather data, flight control equipment and other tools of the Santa tracking trade are pressed into service. The first big breaking news of Santa…
Cupid Wins
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Cupid Gets a Surprise Win!

Wow! Cupid won! The reindeer games came to a surprise conclusion when Cupid – of all reindeer – pulled off a stunning upset with a spectacular free-style sky dance routine. Normally the reindeer games are won on the strength of traditional…
Reindeer Games
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Reindeer Games Begin

Hi everyone! Despite all the worries about the Bah Humbug Virus large crowds have gathered at the North Pole to watch the start of the reindeer games. The reindeer games serve many purposes. They provide the reindeer a chance to showcase…
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Sleigh Designers Test Santa’s Sleigh

Merry Greetings! Santa’s sleigh designers have finally put Santa’s new sleigh to the skies. Yesterday they took Santa’s new sleigh out for its first flight. Reports have come in that the sleigh is large, roomy, but still very agile.…
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Decorating for Christmas at the North Pole

Happy November Greetings, all! We have hit an unusual spell of kind of warm weather -- well, at least for the North Pole. It is still very cold outside but the sun has been shining bright every day this week and this weekend looks to be much…