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Lots of Talk About Santa's Sleigh

Happy Monday! By all appearances things are well at the North Pole. Santa's Workshop is ahead of schedule, the reindeer are in training for the Reindeer Games and it appears that even the North Pole Post Office is handling the volume of mail…
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A Sleigh Debate at the North Pole

Greetings! With about 46 days to go until Santa launches a new debate has broken out at the North Pole: what sleigh design should Santa use this year? This was never supposed to happen. As you know, every year Santa flies a new sleigh.…
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Santa Launches!

Wow. Santa has left the North Pole for his merry ride! Just like that, it's over. All that buildup and then, BOOM!, it's done in a flash. Now comes the real fun. Here is how Santa's launch was covered on Kringle Radio:
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Santa Names the Sleigh

Moments ago Santa announced the name of his new sleigh. He has announced the sleigh will be called "Wanda" this year, based on a suggestion that came from a fan named Wanda in Canada. Seriously. I'm not kidding you. The guys over in the…
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All Ready Now for Launch

With chants of "Let's go Santa!" the crowd at the North Pole is urging Santa to get on with it. But Santa won't be rushed. He enjoys this last minute routine of walking around the sleigh, checking every little detail and speaking to the…
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Sleigh Bells Are Ready (That's a Big Deal)

Santa's sleigh bells are ready. That's a big deal. The bells are critical to a good ride. The reindeer depend upon them to provide a critical rhythm when they fly. If one bell is out of tune, it drives them crazy and they can't fly. The…
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Crowds Gathering for Launch

The sleigh barn is packed. No, not with sleighs and reindeer. With elves...and their families. They are all there to witness the launch of Santa's sleigh, now just a few hours away. They are packed in like sardines. Here's a radio…
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Test Flight Returns Bringing Eggnog

Elf Test Pilot Vicky Blaze has returned from the final test flight of Santa's sleigh and she has brought a surprise: eggnog! "Bless her heart," Elf Hank, head of the North Pole Christmas Party said. "She stopped by a store and cleaned them…
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Nine Hours Until Launch

With nine hours now until Santa's launch folks are starting to get excited at the North Pole. In fact, a few have already gathered at the sleigh barn and are filling the grandstands there to get seats to see that big event. The final test…