su2013gmSanta is just getting up from a brief nap and is being told the latest news. He will be meeting shortly with elves from the tracking center, the sleigh barn and the reindeer team to catch up on new developments of Operation Merry Christmas. But first, Mrs. Claus wants him to eat a hot meal and to get into his suit, which she recently had dry cleaned and taken in a little.

The reindeer are waking up from their sleep as well. They have had a good, long bit of sleep and will receive food and water over the next hour before engaging in a light workout to stretch their legs and prepare their muscles. Elf Victor says they are all very, very excited and anxious to get going.

There is still a lot of activity over at Santa’s Sleigh Barn, where rumors are swirling of trouble with the sleigh. We are hearing that the event in North Korea may have caused some damage to a runner that might take more than a few hours to fix. We’re not certain, so keep your browser set here to Santa Update and your radio dialed to Kringle Radio to get the latest in news and information.

Where it is Christmas Eve Day: Copenhagen, Zurich
Where it is Christmas Eve Evening: Hobart, Vladivostok
Where it is Christmas Morning: Nowhere

Elf Ernest

Santa and Reindeer Wake Up from Pre-flight Naps 1 pre-launch

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Santa Tracking is now being broadcast live from the North Pole at
Santa and Reindeer Wake Up from Pre-flight Naps 2
Santa and Reindeer Wake Up from Pre-flight Naps 3