Countdown Clocks Synchronized at the North Pole 1
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Countdown Clocks Synchronized at the North Pole

Greetings! Early this morning in a dual-broadcast seen all over the North Pole Santa and Mrs. Claus officially kicked off Operation Merry Christmas. Mrs. Claus, broadcasting from downtown in North Pole Village in the town square, synchronized…
Santa Returns
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Surprise Return for Santa

Holy smokes! What a shocker! The Elf Parade was going very smoothly, in fact, it was just about to end when a giant birthday cake was wheeled in front of the large crowd sitting by the windows of the Emporium. “Happy Birthday” starting…
Santa misses Thanksgiving
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North Pole Celebrates a Thanksgiving Without Santa

Howdy! In another sign that Christmas is coming the first of several Thanksgiving celebrations was noted this week with Canadian Thanksgiving – a North Pole tradition. Missing, of course, was Santa who loves this event and any other…
Mrs. Claus
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Santa Skips a Tradition

Hello everyone, It has been 73 days since we last saw Santa. It has been 73 days since ANYONE has seen Santa. Both the North Pole Tracking Department and now the North Pole Security Department are using all their resources to try and…
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Still No Sign of Santa

This weekend marks two full months since we last saw Santa and many of the folks here at the North Pole are growing in their concerns. Even Mrs. Claus is beginning to express concerns. Even though Santa told us where he was going and even…
North Pole Media Explodes with Worries About Santa 2
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North Pole Media Explodes with Worries About Santa

A report from the North Pole Gazette on Saturday has upset a lot of people at the North Pole. The newspaper article said authorities at the Flight Command Center are really "hunting Santa", not just using Santa's planned absence as a training…
Mrs. Claus Steps Up Plans at the North Pole 3
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Mrs. Claus Steps Up Plans at the North Pole

Happy Friday one and all! What a busy time all of a sudden at the North Pole. Late yesterday Mrs. Claus conducted the weekly meeting of all the department heads at the North Pole. And she just put her foot on the gas. She has…
4 Months Until Christmas 4
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4 Months Until Christmas

Hello Everyone! Today marks just 4 months until Christmas and everyone is getting excited! It’s quite unusual for the North Pole Post Office to be so busy at this time of the year but with Santa going on his walkabout at the end of last…
Sleigh Building at the North Pole
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Sleigh Building Continues at the North Pole

Hi everyone! Another large load of lumber was delivered to the North Pole this week – and the sleigh building continues at the North Pole. With Santa gone, Mrs. Claus has overtaken the project. Today she met with Elf Quinton and…
150 Days Until Santa launches
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150 Days Until Santa Launches

Hi ho! It’s still Christmas in July here at the North Pole – but Mrs. Claus is all business. Today she convened the head elves from the Tracking Department, the Weather Department and all of Santa’s launch team to review plans for…
Mrs. Claus
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Mrs. Claus Takes Command at the North Pole

Happy Christmas in July Greetings! Well the news is starting to sink in that Santa won’t be here for a while. Today it was revealed that in Santa’s absence Mrs. Claus is going to be in charge. That’s not unusual. She’s…
Jingle Bells Contest
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Jingle Bells Contest Underway

Happy Sunday, all! Christmas in July is a break from the routine here at the North Pole. There just isn’t a lot of work getting done this week. Yes, the workshop is open and elves are showing up for work. But they are all coming in…