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Secrets of Santa and His Suit 1
Donner Back On His Feet 2
The Importance of the Christmas Tree 3

The Importance of the Christmas Tree

Greetings and Happy December to you! I have received a lot of email about this post. It is a tradition that on the Sunday after Thanksgiving we send Santa's annual message about the Christmas tree. And yes, this is it. It is yet another…
Santa on the Road 4
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Santa on the Road

Happy Monday greetings to you! Operation Merry Christmas continues at top speed today. Everyone here at the North Pole is so busy. One who is not here but working hard anyway is Santa. He left right after the festivities last week. Between…
Santa and Math 5
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Santa and Math

It takes a lot of skills to be Santa Claus. But in a new question for Elf Crash Murphy we learn a little something about Santa that never crosses the minds of most people: Santa has to do a lot of math. The question came to us from a huge…
Too old for Santa
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When are you too old for Santa?

Hello everyone! The North Pole Post Office just keeps receiving the questions coming in for Elf Crash Murphy. It’s great to see so many of you already in the Christmas spirit! But today’s question is a tough one. It comes from…
Sleighs! Santa is Building a Fleet of Sleighs 6
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Sleighs! Santa is Building a Fleet of Sleighs

They have run out of room in the Sleigh Barn. And now we know what the big construction project is all about -- sleighs! Santa late yesterday made an announcement and invited everyone over to the Sleigh Barn where he proudly showed off the…
Construction Continues Around the Clock at the Sleigh Barn 7
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Construction Continues Around the Clock at the Sleigh Barn

Okay, okay -- quit pestering me with all the emails! Yes, whatever it is that Santa is building continues to grow here at the North Pole. Next to the Sleigh Barn a giant building has gone up in the past few weeks. Now, it is not as huge…
Santa Chicago Cubs
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Santa Sends Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs

Several astute fans of Santa have written to the North Pole today to ask if Santa is pleased the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series. As many know, in his annual interview every year Santa has mentioned the Chicago Cubs. He first brought…


Secrets of Santa

Secrets of Santa

There was nearly a riot getting elves into the studios of Kringle Radio to hear this session recorded. When elves heard what the topic of this podcast would be they just wanted to be there to hear it for themselves. It is not because they…