The Elf Parade
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The Elf Parade Marches Through the Snow

The Elf Parade turned into a march through the snow as a blizzard bore down on the Thanksgiving morning events at the North Pole. Officials met for some time before deciding the Elf Parade must go on. By the time the decision came down…
The Elf Parade
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The Elf Parade Goes Global

The Elf Parade is just hours away now and elves all over the world are getting ready for it. The North Pole Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade features elves who mostly participate in costume and riding their trikes up Main Street in North Pole…
Update on the Elf Parade
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Learn More About the Elf Parade

The Elf Parade at the North Pole on Thanksgiving Day is coming up soon and we are learning more about the event for this year. First of all, and most exciting for us, the tracker elf community from have been invited…
Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 4 Days 1
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Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 4 Days

Operation Merry Christmas begins in just 4 days, gang. Is that crazy stuff or what? I'll tell you what, after the return of the reindeer this weekend the North Pole is a new place. It seriously feels like Christmas Eve. Everyone is SO excited.…