1130Elf Hugo tells me that kids are writing in with worried letters of deep concern for Santa’s launch and whether or not the blizzard at the North Pole will stall things. Let’s talk about that for a minute or two.

Yes, the weather outside here is ridiculous. What makes it worse than anything is the wind and the cold. The snow we can handle, we get it all the time. But will it be bad enough to stop Santa and the reindeer?

Absolutely not.

Take a listen to a conversation Elf Red Stocking had on the radio earlier this morning with a long-range weather forecaster from the Tracking Department. It gives you an idea of how used to the snow we really here at the North Pole:

Elf Ernest


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Santa Tracking is now being broadcast live from the North Pole at

Big Question: Will North Pole Weather Affect Santa’s Launch?

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