Operation Merry Christmas

Hi everyone, good news!

Our meetings at the North Pole this week showed that everything is on track so far for Operation Merry Christmas 2017.

Mrs. Claus had each department head report on their goals and their progress in our most recent meetings and the news was all good. Every department at the North Pole is right on track.

Mrs. Claus said she was especially proud of the accomplishment given that Santa has been gone for nearly 3 full months now.

This has also happened despite the big project Santa left to build thousands and thousands of new sleighs.

That project is still shrouded in secrecy and nobody really knows what Santa has in mind for all of those sleighs.

Some cannot help but wonder if they are tied to the very full class schedule at sleigh pilot school for elves who want to be sleigh drivers.

The news at sleigh pilot school was good, too – the classroom portion of the program is finished for the first group of enrollees and they begin their first test flights this week.

The North Pole is a very busy place right now but hearts are happy because things are coming together.

About the only thing that remains amiss is the fact that Santa just isn’t here. We don’t know where he is but Mrs. Claus keeps reminding us not to worry about it.

I did ask her after the meeting if she had heard from Santa and she said, “No”.

I can’t tell if she is upset about that or not, but she had a funny look on her face.

Elf Ernest

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