Santa Launches in 24 Hours

Santa Claus launches from the North Pole in 24 hours.

All reports from Flight Command are that all systems are go and all lights are green.

Santa himself is still in isolation at his home at the North Pole. The reindeer are likewise resting at this time.

All North Pole Departments are still operating at this hour.

The weather at the North Pole continues to be poor. A blizzard warning remains in effect through Christmas weekend.

Elf Ernest




No North Pole Radio News at this time
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Santa: Resting at the North Pole
Sector 1 – Oceania, Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific: CHECKING IN
Sector 2 – Asia & The Middle East: CHECKING IN
Sector 3 – Europe & Africa: CHECKING IN
Sector 4 – Atlantic, Greenland & South America: CHECKING IN
Sector 5 – Central & North America: CHECKING IN


~ North Pole Flight Command – News of Santa’s Flight, reindeer, sleigh and bedtime advisories
~ – Department of Elf Resources, North Pole. Become an Elf
~ – Track Santa for Santa (Elves only)
Santa Update - Pre-Flight News

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