LIVE Coverage of the Tracker Elf Press Conference 1
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LIVE Coverage of the Tracker Elf Press Conference

The Tracker Elf Press Conference is the largest media event of the year at the North Pole. Click on the player above to listen. For the past five years this press conference has announced the annual recruiting goal for new tracker elves who…
Tracker Elf
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Tracker Elf Press Conference July 11

North Pole Flight Command has just sent out a reminder of the annual tracker elf press conference, scheduled tomorrow, July 11th at around Noon EST. Coverage will be on all official North Pole News websites -,…
Santa Launches
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250 Days Until Santa Launches

Today officially marks 250 days until Santa’s launch. What has changed since the last time we marked a milestone to Santa’s launch? That was the 300-day mark to launch, way back on February 26th. Since that time there has been a…
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Toyvember Winners to Be Announced

Toyvember continues at the North Pole, despite speculation Santa would end it due to events scheduled for some next week. However, we did learn that Santa expects to announce “winners” of Toyvember during Christmas in July. Santa is…
Elf Rusty Belz
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Elf Rusty Belz Announces Retirement

Elf Rusty Belz, veteran radio newsman who has served as the voice of North Pole Radio since its inception, has announced his retirement. It is effective immediately. News of his retirement has shocked most at the North Pole. Rusty was…
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Santa Declares Toyvember

Santa Claus declared Toyvember today, igniting cheers from elves in Santa’s Workshop and around the world. Elves in Santa’s workshop and other working areas of the North Pole immediately left their work spaces to retire to home offices…
Chat with Elf Max
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Chat with Elf Max Scheduled

A chat with Elf Max of is scheduled for next Monday, February 21st at 3pm EST in North Pole Chat. Elf Max is the webmaster at, the growing community of elves who track Santa for Santa each year. Santa…
The Elf Parade
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The Elf Parade Goes Global

The Elf Parade is just hours away now and elves all over the world are getting ready for it. The North Pole Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade features elves who mostly participate in costume and riding their trikes up Main Street in North Pole…
North Pole Radio News Adds a New Voice 2
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North Pole Radio News Adds a New Voice

North Pole Radio News has added a new voice to the reporting team. Elf Victoria Wassail will broadcast from London on assignment through out the next 7 weeks. This is a very unusual arrangement. Most news elves are at the North Pole and…
Mrs. Claus Added to North Pole Chat 3
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Mrs. Claus Added to North Pole Chat

Mrs. Claus will host a North Pole Chat on the Sunday evening before Thanksgiving. This is an excellent time to ask questions about how Thanksgiving is celebrated at the North Pole. Naturally, it is a very busy week for Mrs. Claus as she hosts…
Test Flight Break for Halloween 4
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Test Flight Break for Halloween

The test flights of Santa's sleigh will enjoy a brief break over Halloween weekend. North Pole Flight Command today made the announcement after information the pilots and reindeer of the news. We have not shared a lot of news of Santa's…
You Can Participate in This Year's Elf Parade 5
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You Can Participate in This Year's Elf Parade

You can participate in this year's Elf Parade for the first time ever. The Annual Elf Parade is held on Thanksgiving Day at the North Pole. It is an event that draws huge crowds in North Pole Village as well as lots of big questions online. We…