Kringle Radio News Begins Updates

Kringle Radio News Begins Updates

Ask CrashGreetings!

Just a quick post today to let you know that the first radio report of Operation Merry Christmas 2017 will be released tomorrow with our news update.

The radio news team is back this year with all the same voices you heard from last year. Between now and the week of Christmas you will hear regular reports from Elf Frank and Elf Crash.

Last season’s news reports still receive a lot of mail here at the North Pole.

Kids especially have questions they ask of Crash. Hopefully he will find time to answer them all this year between now and Christmas.

If you want to ask Crash a question, please see this link.

Elf Ernest

Anyone can Call Santa

Anyone can Call Santa

There seems to have been some confusion about Santa’s phone number. Some mistakenly believe that the phone number was just for elves.

That phone number is for anyone. You can call Santa at any time.

His number is toll free — 866-847-2682 (or, as we like to say here at the North Pole, 866-84-SANTA).

This is the phone in Santa’s office (he does NOT carry a cell phone).

The chances of you actually catching Santa in his office are pretty rare (especially now with him away from the North Pole).

But Santa welcomes messages from anyone.

In fact, Santa receives any type of message by way of his office phone. Some call just to say hi or Merry Christmas.

Others call and leave their wishlist for Santa. Some even just call to leave Santa a song or something. It does not matter — Santa loves to hear from you!

So, don’t be shy. Give the Big Guy a call today.

Elf Ernest

Elf Parade Committee Finalizes Plans

Elf Parade Committee Finalizes Plans

The Annual Elf Parade Organizing Committee held their final planning meeting late last night and settled on the theme “We are Santa’s Elves” for the 2017 event. The parade is scheduled for November 23rd this year.

The annual elf parade is a traditional event at the North Pole that usually takes place about a month before Christmas. It is one of the biggest events each year at the North Pole.

The parade runs along a 5-mile route that starts along Sugar Plum Avenue and crosses over to Santa Claus Lane before coming down Candy Cane Street in downtown North Pole Village. Elf families usually start lining the parade route two days before the event.

The parade features floats made by nearly every department at the North Pole as well as the world famous Elf Parade of Trikes, a tradition began many years ago.

Elves love to ride their custom made and festively decorated tricycles in the parade if they have not been invited to participate in a department float. The parade of trikes is now the largest feature of the parade with more than 1300 registered participants.

Elves will decorate their trikes and wear crazy costumes as part of their trike exhibition.

As usual we will offer some radio coverage of the event right here on Santa

We do remind elves working in remote positions around the world that they are invited to travel back to the North Pole for this all-elf event. Please contact the Tracking Department for shuttle sleigh availability or fill out the form available online for you at the North Pole website.

Elf Ernest

Put Yourself on Santa’s Map

Put Yourself on Santa’s Map

Hi ya!

Well, we might not be able to put Santa on a map right now but we can surely put you on Santa’s map.

Totally new and redesigned this year under the direction of Santa Claus himself this special website is designed to help Santa know where he has coverage before he takes flight on Christmas Eve. Some places will have lots of Santa trackers — some will have very few. Come place your mark on Santa’s map!

Just go to and register yourself as a Santa tracker of any type – and you’ll go on the big map there showing all the Santa trackers in the world. By the time Christmas Eve comes around Santa will know exactly where he has folks helping him get around the world.

This is open to professional tracker elves from the North Pole, certified tracker elves from, and even just fans of Santa who track Santa on their own.

It is an official North Pole website and it is, of course, absolutely free.

It will be a huge year in Santa tracking. This is just one little part of it.

So go mark your spot on Santa’s map today!

Elf Ernest

Santa Wants to Send You a Christmas Card

Santa Wants to Send You a Christmas Card

Hi everyone!

Exciting news to share with you today! Mrs. Claus I think gets all the credit for this and I know you’re going to love it.

Santa for the first time ever wants to send a Christmas card to anyone who wants to have one.

He feels bad that he cannot personally answer every card and letter that he receives. But he feels he can at least send people a Christmas card to let them know he cares about them.

If you’d like to get a Christmas card from Santa in your mailbox this year, just go to and sign up.

That’s it. Nothing more to it.

I’m pretty sure this was Mrs. Claus’ idea.

I heard Santa and Mrs. Claus talking about it last month when Santa was going through some letters he received.

He told Mrs. Claus that he wished he could something more to answer all the mail he receives.

That’s when Mrs. Claus gave him this idea.

Now, I know as I make this announcement we are going to receive lots of questions and maybe a few concerns.

Let’s see if I can head off some of that right now.

No, there is no cost to this.

Remember, nothing on a genuine North Pole website costs money. EVER.

Yes, Santa needs a mailing address to send you a card. And, NO, that address is not used for anything else. EVER.

It isn’t sold, rented, re-used, or shared.

NO, Santa will not try to sell you anything and he will NEVER send junk mail. He will send you a simple Christmas card this Christmas. That is all.

You just sign up and in December you’ll get a Christmas Card from Santa.

If there’s any list of Santa’s that you want to be on, it’s this one.

Merry Christmas!

Elf Ernest