Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Thank You

Merry Christmas from all of us at the North Pole! As the snow is still falling here at the North Pole all hearts here are merry and grateful. It has been a record breaking season and an unusual year. We cannot thank you enough for being a…
Stocking Mail
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Stocking Mail Activated

Elf Hugo of the North Pole Podcast has requested - and Santa has authorized -- the activation of Stocking Mail. Stocking mail is mail sent through your Christmas stocking. By now most of you have your Christmas stockings hung. You can put…
Tracker Elf Meetings
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Special Meetings for Santa Trackers

Special meetings for Santa Trackers have been called for this weekend by North Pole Flight Command. With more than 39 million elves now on the rolls that are tracking-Santa-for-Santa this year Santa feels this weekend is a good time to gather…
North Pole Chat
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More Chats Added to the North Pole Calendar

More chats have been added to the North Pole Chat Calendar for this week. It is a busy time at the North Pole but Santa has heard loud and clear from our site visitors that they want to have more contact with the North Pole. Santa believes…
Kringle Radio
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Santa Restores Kringle Radio to SantaUpdate

Last night during a chat in the North Pole Chat room Santa was surprised to learn that we had not yet activated Kringle Radio on I later explained to him that Kringle Radio customarily does not debut on until…
North Pole Chats
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First North Pole Chats Happening This Week

The first North Pole Chats will be happening this week. We're so excited to show you the North Pole Chat Calendar and to open the North Pole Chat Room. The first chat will be hosted by me, Elf Ernest. The first chat will be all about....North…
Free visits with Santa

Free Chat Visits with Santa

Free chat visits with Santa are coming to Santa Update. Due to the limitations of this year's Christmas season has a number of ways for believers to have a good Santa experience. Nothing can substitute for a real visit…
Santa, the North Pole, and the Virus
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Santa, the North Pole and the Virus

Greetings! The questions we are receiving about Santa, the North Pole and the virus are overwhelming the North Pole Post Office these days. Santa very much understands your concerns. After all, you are dealing with incredible disruptions…
Tracking Santa App to be Released Soon 2
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Tracking Santa App to be Released Soon

We are pleased to announce that soon a Tracking Santa app will be released for mobile users. While all of our North Pole websites are mobile friendly we know many users want a faster, more nimble resource for quickly seeing Santa's flight…
Tracking Santa by Text Opens Early 3
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Tracking Santa by Text Opens Early

Tracking Santa by text has opened early this year. has launched the service much earlier this year due to requests from site visitors. As with other North Pole features this one has been revised and expanded. If you visit…
North Pole Post Office Opens
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North Pole Post Office Opens on Santa Update

The North Pole Post Office on Santa Update is now open! We are very excited to announce the following new features never before available on Santa Update: Shoutouts - This new feature is a quick communication for our site users who send…