The Schedule of Tracking Santa 1
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Tracking Santa App to be Released Soon

We are pleased to announce that soon a Tracking Santa app will be released for mobile users. While all of our North Pole websites are mobile friendly we know many users want a faster, more nimble resource for quickly seeing Santa's flight…
The Schedule of Tracking Santa 2
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Tracking Santa by Text Opens Early

Tracking Santa by text has opened early this year. has launched the service much earlier this year due to requests from site visitors. As with other North Pole features this one has been revised and expanded. If you visit…
North Pole Post Office Opens
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North Pole Post Office Opens on Santa Update

The North Pole Post Office on Santa Update is now open! We are very excited to announce the following new features never before available on Santa Update: Shoutouts - This new feature is a quick communication for our site users who send…
North Pole Post Office

Changes Coming for the North Pole Post Office Online

Changes are coming for the North Pole Post Office online. In a meeting held today chaired by Elf Winslow it was announced that Santa requested that Christmas fans should be able to contact him through any of the Official North Pole websites. As…
The Schedule of Tracking Santa 3
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North Pole Chats Online

We are very excited to announce that we will be participating in some online chats this weekend as part of the Christmas in July celebrations at What I mean by "we" is Santa and myself. Santa will be chatting at 6pm…
The Schedule of Tracking Santa 4
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Santa Kicks off Santa Tracking Efforts

Santa tracking is a world-wide tradition. It is huge at the North Pole, too. Even those who do not work at the Tracking Department get big into Santa tracking. But more importantly, Santa depends on trackers around the world the most. Even…
North Pole News
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Christmas in July Surprise from Santa

Happy Christmas-in-July greetings to you from the North Pole where we just barely got some exciting news. Well, exciting news for the elves, that is. I got an email from Santa telling me to let everyone know at the North Pole that he has…
Six Months Until Christmas
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6 Months Until Christmas

Greetings and Happy Leon Day! It is now officially six months until Christmas. Well, ok. I know. Really, that's tomorrow. But honestly, the day before Christmas is Christmas to us so the day before Leon Day is Leon Day to us. That's just…
Chat with Santa

Santa Chat Scheduled for Leon Day

Great news -- there is a Santa chat coming! I was just informed that Santa has scheduled a chat for Leon Day, June 25th, at 2pm EST. It has been a while since Santa has done an event like this. But with the North Pole still under quarantine…
The Schedule of Tracking Santa 5
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North Pole Stunned By Santa's Announcement

A short time ago Santa finally made the big announcement we've been anticipating for over a week now. You can listen to how that all unfolded here at the North Pole via a special edition of the North Pole Podcast, heard right here on…
The Schedule of Tracking Santa 6
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Big Announcement Coming

Greetings, all! We're gearing up for our Christmas in July celebrations. I have had some things planned to announce for months now but I just got word that something big and extra special is coming next week. In fact, the news is supposed…
Tracking Santa
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The Schedule of Tracking Santa

Hi all! The countdown to Christmas is rapidly coming to an end. While Santa's exact flight plan is not exactly know we do know precisely how we are going to track him. I want to make sure you understand what is about to happen. At this…