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North Pole Stunned By Santa's Announcement

A short time ago Santa finally made the big announcement we've been anticipating for over a week now. You can listen to how that all unfolded here at the North Pole via a special edition of the North Pole Podcast, heard right here on SantaUpdate.com.…
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Big Announcement Coming

Greetings, all! We're gearing up for our Christmas in July celebrations. I have had some things planned to announce for months now but I just got word that something big and extra special is coming next week. In fact, the news is supposed…
Tracking Santa
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The Schedule of Tracking Santa

Hi all! The countdown to Christmas is rapidly coming to an end. While Santa's exact flight plan is not exactly know we do know precisely how we are going to track him. I want to make sure you understand what is about to happen. At this…
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North Pole Shuts Down for Thanksgiving

Santa suprised everyone by announcing that the day before Thanksgiving will only be a half-day at the North Pole. Everything is shutting down. That is very unusual in the middle of the week. It might be a good indication of how prepared Santa…
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Santa Plans a New Workshop

Santa announced today that a new workshop is planned to be constructed in 2018. Santa's workshop has been remodeled many times since its construction more than 170 years ago. But never has it been replaced. The new workshop will be built…
Santa Tracker Radio
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A Radio Show Just for Santa Trackers

Certified Santa Trackers are on duty today, scheduled to start their official check-in procedure as part of pre-flight operations. Kringle Radio will be hosting a special program just for them and it begins just six hours from right now. You…
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Santa Asks for More Tracker Elves

Hey everyone! The official count of new tracker elves signed up through SantaTrackers.net is just over three million so far – a very impressive number! But we need more. Santa reviewed the numbers when he called in to a special meeting…
Texts from Santa

Receive Text Updates from Santa

For the fifth consecutive year we are pleased to announce the availability of Santa Updates by text. After Santa launches from the North Pole you can receive hourly reports by text of his position. To activate this service on your cell phone…
Flight School
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New Sleigh Pilots Ready for Duty

Hi all! Good news! The first graduating class of sleigh pilot flight school is now ready to report for duty. More than 200 elves volunteered to take flight school and every one of them hopes to be able to pilot one of the many thousands…
Big Week at the North Pole
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Improvements in Wrapping Could Speed Production

Happy Monday! It is a big week here at the North Pole. Right now, I’m a little worried about all the distracted elves I’m seeing. You see, with so much going on it is easy for an elf to forget his job. We have the BIG light decorating…
Elf Jobs
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Thousands of New Elf Jobs Posted

In the wake of the announcement made days ago about five million new tracker elves wanted for this Christmas season the Department of Elf Resources today posted what amounts to thousands of new positions for elves employed through SantaTrackers.net.…
Santa's Voicemail
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Messages to Santa

We're pleased to present the first video ever made by the North Pole here on Santa Update -- and maybe it's YOUR voice you hear on it. This video features actual messages to Santa over his voice mail. Take a look: Santa just loves all…