Tracking Santa Radio Replay 1
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Tracking Santa Radio Replay

The Tracking Santa radio replay is now active on the Santa Tracker Channel of Kringle Radio. The Tracking Santa Around the World radio broadcast is a long-standing tradition here at the North Pole. Produced by North Pole Radio News the program…
Mrs. Claus Chat
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Mrs. Claus Chat Coming Up

Mrs. Claus is scheduled for North Pole Chat this Sunday at 4pm EST in the North Pole Chat Room. This will be the first exclusive chat from Mrs. Claus for this year and it is her contribution to Christmas in July from the North Pole. These…
Chat with Elf Ernest
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Chat with Elf Ernest

A chat with Elf Ernest - me! - is scheduled this Sunday at 4pm EST in North Pole Chat. I will be discussing Christmas in July plans. While we have already posted a lot about Christmas in July there is more to come. Some I will announce on…
North Pole Photo Exhibit
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North Pole Photo Exhibit Planned

In an announcement as big as anything we have shared in recent years it was announced today over on that a North Pole Photo Exhibit is planned for Christmas in July. This event will be held in Elf Chat at…
More Special Events Added for Christmas in July 2
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More Special Events Added for Christmas in July

The calendar for Christmas in July has been updated to reflect additions to the chat schedule for both and Christmas in July is a big event at the North Pole and that extends to our online activities. Here…
Santa Schedules a Press Conference 3
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Santa Schedules a Press Conference

North Pole Flight Command and the Office of Santa Claus announce a special press conference Santa will hold as part of the Christmas-in-July celebrations scheduled at the North Pole. The press conference will be held on July 12th at Noon. Details…
Chat with Elf Dr. Grant Smedley 4
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Chat with Elf Dr. Grant Smedley

Elf Dr. Grant Smedley, professor of Santa and North Pole history at Southern North Pole University, will be our guest for North Pole Chat on Sunday, June 27th at 4pm EST. Dr. Grant Smedley has been a frequent guest on Kringle Radio as he…
Become an Elf Workshop
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Become an Elf Workshop Scheduled

Christmas in July will feature a special Become-an-Elf Workshop presented by the North Pole Department of Elf Resources on Saturday July 17th at 10am EST. Elf Sandy Claus, head elf at the Department of Elf Resources, will discuss how to become…
Leon Day Chat
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Leon Day Chat with Elf Crash Murphy Scheduled

We are pleased to announce a Special Leon Day North Pole Chat event with Elf Crash Murphy, Santa’s Eye in the Sky Reporter Elf and the world’s most famous Santa Tracker. Crash will be here to chat on June 25th @ 7:30pm Eastern Daylight…
Tracker Elf Conference
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Tracker Elf Conference Announced

North Pole Flight Command and have announced to licensed elves that a Tracker Elf Conference has been scheduled as part of Christmas in July. The event will be hosted in Elf Chat at The event is scheduled…
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Thank You

Merry Christmas from all of us at the North Pole! As the snow is still falling here at the North Pole all hearts here are merry and grateful. It has been a record breaking season and an unusual year. We cannot thank you enough for being a…
Stocking Mail
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Stocking Mail Activated

Elf Hugo of the North Pole Podcast has requested - and Santa has authorized -- the activation of Stocking Mail. Stocking mail is mail sent through your Christmas stocking. By now most of you have your Christmas stockings hung. You can put…