Kringle Radio News
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Kringle Radio News Begins Updates

Greetings! Just a quick post today to let you know that the first radio report of Operation Merry Christmas 2017 will be released tomorrow with our news update. The radio news team is back this year with all the same voices you heard…
Phone Santa
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Anyone can Call Santa

There seems to have been some confusion about Santa's phone number. Some mistakenly believe that the phone number was just for elves. That phone number is for anyone. You can call Santa at any time. His number is toll free -- 866-847-2682…
Elf Parade
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Elf Parade Committee Finalizes Plans

The Annual Elf Parade Organizing Committee held their final planning meeting late last night and settled on the theme "We are Santa's Elves" for the 2017 event. The parade is scheduled for November 23rd this year. The annual elf parade is…
Santa Trackers
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Put Yourself on Santa's Map

Hi ya! Well, we might not be able to put Santa on a map right now but we can surely put you on Santa’s map. Totally new and redesigned this year under the direction of Santa Claus himself this special website is designed to help Santa…
Santa's Christmas Card List
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Santa Wants to Send You a Christmas Card

Hi everyone! Exciting news to share with you today! Mrs. Claus I think gets all the credit for this and I know you’re going to love it. Santa for the first time ever wants to send a Christmas card to anyone who wants to have one. He…