37 Weeks Until Christmas 1
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37 Weeks Until Christmas

Happy Easter, everyone! There are 37 weeks until Christmas. I got in so much trouble this week. My mother called me very upset. You see, I’ve been so busy I forgot to call my parents about my new role as Chief of Staff to Mrs. Claus. Mom…
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North Pole Celebrates Easter Without Santa

A stunned North Pole is celebrating Easter this year without Santa. Easter services are being led by Elf Jacob King, who regularly leads services at the North Pole Chapel. Mrs. Claus will be in attendance. After the services the community…
Leadership Changes
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Leadership Changes Announced at the North Pole

Mrs. Claus today announced major restructuring of North Pole leadership. In prepared comments signed by Santa in advance of his recent trip around the world Mrs. Claus said the changes have been made necessary by the growing nature of…
38 Weeks
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38 Weeks Until Christmas

There are 38 weeks remaining until Christmas – and suddenly it feels as if that just isn’t enough time. My elf world has just gone crazy the past few weeks. Gol. I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with Santa. So…
North Pole Flight Command
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North Pole Flight Command Has a New Boss

In a surprise announcement today Mrs. Claus said that Elf Roger Star will take up duties as the new director of North Pole Flight Command, effective April 1st. Elf Roger has been serving as the International Director of Santa Trackers…
Chief of Staff
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39 Weeks Until Christmas

Well. What a difference a week makes! There are 39 weeks until Christmas and all of a sudden it feels like the world here has turned upside down. Last week, after I wrote the countdown update, I was called to the Claus residence to meet…
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Santa Heads Out on Walkabout

Early in the morning hours Santa bid adieu to Mrs. Claus, the elves and all at the North Pole as he headed out on walkabout. Where he is headed only he knows and how long he will be gone is unknown. As Elf Ernest explained yesterday a walkabout…
45 Week Until Christmas 2
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45 Week Until Christmas

45 weeks remain until Christmas but this week we’re all about Valentine’s Day. I got a lot of questions last year about Valentine’s day so I thought I better give a better explanation. Valentine’s Day, like all holidays at…
Christmas is Sneaking Up on You 3
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Christmas is Sneaking Up on You

Christmas is sneaking up on a lot of folks. A report today from the North Pole Post Office indicates that some people do not realize Christmas is as close as it is. There even seems to be some anxiety about it. Santa says to relax. In…
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Last Chat with Santa and Mrs. Claus Scheduled

Coming Sunday, December 18th in North Pole Chat will be the final chat with Santa and Mrs. Claus before Christmas Eve. Come meet the Clauses! Santa and Mrs. Claus will be in chat at 7pm EST in North Pole Chat at SantaUpdate.com. We try…
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Christmas Birthdays

Having a birthday at Christmas time is a frequent subject of letters coming to the North Pole. Mrs. Claus, believe it or not, often gets letters from children who sometimes say they do not like having their birthday at Christmas time. This…
8 Weeks Until Christmas
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8 Weeks Until Christmas

Just 8 weeks now until Christmas - can't wait! I told you last week I would tell you about Halloween at the North Pole. It's happening. It's snowing like a bugger outside but we've got pumpkins and the orange and black everywhere.…