Chat with Santa Re-Scheduled
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April Chat with Santa Re-Scheduled

Chat with Santa for April has been re-scheduled. It will now happen on Sunday, April 25, at 4pm EST. Santa apologizes for the change. He wanted very much to be here on the 17th but he has a good reason not to be. One of his oldest and dearest…
10 Months Until Christmas 1
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10 Months Until Christmas

It’s just 10 months to Christmas! I know that to many of you that is a very long time. But to me and most elves here at the North Pole, that is not very long at all.  What’s happening right now at the North Pole? As we told you last…
A Chat for Santa Trackers 2
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A Chat for Santa Trackers

A chat for Santa trackers will be hosted by Elf Roger Star, Santa's International Director of Santa Trackers, in the North Pole Chat room at 2pm EST on Sunday, December 20th. Santa asked to have 40 million tracker elves by this Christmas…
Santa's Final Chat
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Santa's Final Public Chat Scheduled

Santa's final public chat is scheduled for Saturday, December 19th at 2pm EST. This will be a completely wide open chat, so anyone there can ask any question of Santa that they want. This will be Santa's last scheduled chat for this year.…
Elf Sandy Claus
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Elf Sandy Claus to Chat About Becoming an Elf

Elf Sandy Claus of the Department of Elf Resources will make her North Pole Chat debut today at 5pm EST. The Department of Elf Resources is the power behind another Official North Pole website known as The point of the site is…
Elf Wally to Debut in North Pole Chat 3
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Elf Wally to Debut in North Pole Chat

Elf Wally of the North Pole Wrapping Department will chat later today in the North Pole Chat Room. It is Wally's North Pole Chat debut. The event is planned for 4pm EST today. The North Pole has been working hard to send expert elves to North…
Final Chats with Santa
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North Pole Chat Very Active with a Week to Go

North Pole chat will remain very active even though Christmas Eve is just a week away. In fact, Santa's final chats before Christmas are on the North Pole Chat Calendar so you can plan now. Santa will be in chat later today and again, for…
North Pole Chat
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More Chats Added to the North Pole Calendar

More chats have been added to the North Pole Chat Calendar for this week. It is a busy time at the North Pole but Santa has heard loud and clear from our site visitors that they want to have more contact with the North Pole. Santa believes…
Your Christmas Tree
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Christmas Trees and Christmas Plans

Every year I get the honor to pass a message on to you from Santa about your Christmas tree. I worry that you might get bored with this information but then I remember that I never get bored with it. I kind of think of it like a favorite holiday…
Santa Chat Rescheduled
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Santa Chat Rescheduled

Santa's chat in the North Pole Chat room has to be rescheduled. He got caught in a snow squall while on a run with a team of reindeer and could not get back in time for the scheduled chat. We apologize. Santa's chat has been re-scheduled…
Santa to Visit North Pole Chat

Santa to Visit North Pole Chat This Week

Santa will be visiting North Pole Chat on Wednesday evening this week in a special pre-Thanksgiving event just for fans at SantaUpdate. We are trying to find future dates for additional public chats with Santa before Christmas. Please keep an…
Happy Halloween from the North Pole 4
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Happy Halloween from the North Pole

Happy Halloween from the North Pole! It's an exciting day and it is a great kick off to the Christmas season. You should know though that today isn't a very productive day at the North Pole. Santa's workshop is closed, the wrapped department…