Flight Command
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Chat with the Director of Flight Command

Have you ever wondered on what happens behind the scenes of Santa's trip around the world? It takes the work of thousands of elves, sleighs, reindeer and sleigh pilots to make it happen. It takes elves of all kinds all over the world. Millions…
Mrs. Claus
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Chat with Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus today met with friends and elves in North Pole Chat, as scheduled. A lot was discussed, including Santa's love of silly hats. Here is the transcript: Elf Ernest Our chat today is with Mrs. Claus. She is being assisted by her…
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Chat Recap: Update on Operation Merry Christmas

With the return of Santa and Mrs. Claus to the North Pole with the reindeer the chat with Elves Ernest and Crash about Operation Merry Christmas took on an unexpected tone. It dominated much of the conversation. Here is a transcript of that…
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Chat Substitution Announced

With the absence of Mrs. Claus at this time from the North Pole and the return of her home unknown we are making a substitution on the chat schedule for the scheduled event in North Pole Chat this weekend. We will be taking questions…
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Elf Seymour Snow Chats About the Weather

Elf Seymour Snow stopped by North Pole Chat and discussed how his Weather Department at the North Pole works with Santa on Christmas Eve. Fascinating discussion! Here is the chat transcript: Elf Ernest Our chat today is with Elf Seymour…
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Elf Seymour Snow Coming to Chat

Elf Seymour Snow, head elf of the Weather Department at the North Pole, is coming to North Pole Chat on Saturday, October 14th. He will be discussing North Pole weather and how it affects planning for Santa’s flight. He will also be here…
Elf Ed Zachary
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Chat with Elf Ed Zachary

North Pole Chat featured a discussion with North Pole News Director, Elf Ed Zachary. Elf Ed Zachary has had a storied career in journalism at the North Pole and knows Santa well. In this discussion he addresses his personal relationship with…
Chat with Elf Hugo
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A Chat with Elf Hugo

Elf Hugo, postmaster at the North Pole Post Office, stopped in recently to North Pole Chat to talk about getting mail to Santa. Here is a transcript of that conversation: Elf Ernest Folks, with us today is Elf Hugo, postmaster at the…
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Rare Chat Opportunity with Elf Ed Zachary Announced

Elf Ed Zachary, famed Defender of Santa Claus, columnist at the North Pole Gazette, and newly promoted head of the North Pole News Department, has agreed to be interviewed by Elf Ernest in North Pole Chat. The event is scheduled at a bit…
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Elf Hugo Coming to North Pole Chat

North Pole Chat in September will highlight a discussion with Elf Hugo of the North Pole Post Office. The chat will be held at 10am EST on Sunday, September 17th in North Pole Chat here at SantaUpdate.com. Elf Hugo is a familiar face in…
Elf Crash chat
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Chat with Elf Crash Murphy

Elf Crash Murphy, new International Director of Santa Trackers, finished up our series of Christmas-in-July chats by discussing the plans for Santa tracking this year. Here is the transcript of that chat: Elf Frank Myrrh Hello, Crash. Elf…
Santa chat
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Chat with Santa

Santa Claus, from an undisclosed location, visited North Pole Chat and talked about a wide variety of topics. Here is a transcript of that event: Elf Frank Myrrh Santa, welcome to North Pole Chat today! Santa Claus Frank? Is that…