North Pole Stunned By Santa's Announcement 1
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North Pole Stunned By Santa's Announcement

A short time ago Santa finally made the big announcement we've been anticipating for over a week now. You can listen to how that all unfolded here at the North Pole via a special edition of the North Pole Podcast, heard right here on…
An Elf's Story 2
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An Elf's Story

Greetings! If you have not yet listened to the North Pole Podcast I encourage you to give it a try. I just listened to the latest episode uploaded late last night. The North Pole Podcast was the brainchild of the North Pole Radio News Department.…
Santa Trackers
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New Elves Recruiting New Elves

It looks to be a very busy weekend at the North Pole. I just came from a news conference over at North Pole Flight Command where the Tracking Department just announced that heavy recruiting efforts for new tracker elves have led to thousands…
North Pole Podcast
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North Pole Podcast Coming Soon

Greetings! Big news from the guys in the radio department: Based on a suggestion from fifth grade teacher Sharon Sanders of Wisconsin the North Pole has decided to launch a new podcast. The focus of the podcast will be elves and North…