Christmas trees
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O Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree is one of the most important symbols of Christmas. As is our tradition here at, and under the direction of Santa himself, we once again share with you some vital information about the Christmas tree that you…
Operation Merry Christmas
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Operation Merry Christmas Begins

Operation Merry Christmas is underway. Santa declared the start of Operation Merry Christmas in a brief ceremony at the Workshop early this morning. Radio coverage of the event can be heard in the player above. Perhaps the first thing…
Chat with Santa Scheduled 1
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Chat with Santa Scheduled

We are pleased to announce a special chat with Santa Claus himself is scheduled for Sunday, November 27th at 7pm EST in North Pole Chat at We are planning this event at the close of Thanksgiving weekend because we're not…
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Answers About Thanksgiving at the North Pole

Elf Crash Murphy, eye-in-the-sky radio news reporter who follows Santa every Christmas Eve, was in North Pole Chat to discuss Thanksgiving at the North Pole. As with many places, Thanksgiving is a day of great tradition and celebration at the…
8 Weeks Until Christmas
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8 Weeks Until Christmas

Just 8 weeks now until Christmas - can't wait! I told you last week I would tell you about Halloween at the North Pole. It's happening. It's snowing like a bugger outside but we've got pumpkins and the orange and black everywhere.…
2 Months Until Christmas 2
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2 Months Until Christmas

2 months until Christmas, friends! Can you believe how fast this year has flown? Of course, it's the spooky season - at least for the next week, that is. I'm sure we will have lots of news coverage this week of Halloween at the North…
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Questions from Teachers Answered

Teachers are some of the biggest fans of because this is where they can come to get answers to their many questions. Teachers, you see, get a lot of questions from their students about Santa, the North Pole and Christmas. Santa,…
16 Weeks Until Christmas 3
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16 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi gang! There are now only 16 weeks until Christmas! That's really nothing, you know? Anyways. Busy times here. We are getting snow, if you can believe that. It kind of upsets me because I was really enjoying the summer. But we…
North Pole Chat Recap
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North Pole Chat Explores the Test Flights

In today's North Pole Chat I discussed the recent crash of a test flight of Santa's sleigh and just how those test flights work each year. Our guest was Elf Crash Murphy, Santa's famed eye-in-the-sky reporter who just happens to know a lot about…
Eye Witness Report of Sleigh Crash 4
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Eye Witness Report of Sleigh Crash

An eye witness of the crash of a test flight of Santa's sleigh has come forward with video he was shooting that caught the crash. That video is proving to be quite valuable to investigators from North Pole Flight Command who want to know why…
Christmas in July
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Christmas in July Chat with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Santa and Mrs. Claus chatted with fans here on for Christmas in July: Elf Ernest Our chat with Mrs. Claus will begin in a few moments, Elf Trixie is settling in with Mrs. Claus right now. Elf Ulan Okay! Mrs.…
31 Weeks
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31 Weeks Until Christmas

31 weeks until Christmas now – tell everyone you know! Greetings, friends! As advertised, I made my way over to Santa’s Workshop this week. I was SHOCKED to see how busy they are. It’s truly amazing. Elves everywhere. Sawdust…