Mrs. Claus Talks About Elves

Mrs. Claus Talks About Elves

Mrs. Claus took me to Santa’s workshop today and after a brief tour we had the conversation as noted below. First of all, I was surprised at everything Mrs. Claus knows about Santa’s Workshop. She is a different person in there! Did you…
Operation Merry Christmas
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Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 7 Weeks

Hi! Another week down. Just seven weeks now until Operation Merry Christmas begins. I'm so excited! This week I was given a tour of the candy cane factory here at the North Pole. It was so very interesting. It answered a question I have…
Pictures of Santa's Workshop 2
Pictures of Santa's Workshop 3
Pictures of Santa's Workshop 4
Pictures of Santa's Workshop 6
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Santa's Workshop Completes Its Mission

Wow, this is a shocker: Santa's workshop is done! They have completed their mission and elves working in the workshop are either dispersing to help in other departments or they are headed over to the Claus residence for the traditional North…
Pictures of Santa's Workshop 7

Radio Report from Santa's Workshop

It has really been an uneventful Christmas here at the North Pole. Yes, we have had a lot going on but it has been so worry and trouble free all season. That is kind of the same thing that Elves Frank and Crash report on with a visit to Santa's…
Santa's Workshop

Great News from Santa's Workshop

Happy Wednesday! There is a rumor going around Santa's workshop and it's a good one. With less than a week now before Christmas the news out of Santa's workshop is nothing but positive. Production is way up and all signs point to an early…
Pictures of Santa's Workshop 8
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Operation Merry Christmas Kicks Off

Greetings and welcome to the first day of Operation Merry Christmas 2018! Everyone was back at work today after a snowy day off of Thanksgiving fun. The North Pole Post Office was the first crew on the job, checking in last night at 12:01…
Santa's workshop
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Pictures of Santa's Workshop

In an all new question for Elf Crash Murphy the big question is asked about showing pictures of the inside of Santa's workshop. When I heard that would be the question I could not help but wonder how Crash is going to handle it. Santa's…