Santa Travels
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Santa Travels to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Santa travels to celebrate Thanksgiving this next week in Canada. Mrs. Claus has family in Canada and the Claus' love to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. Thanksgiving, as you are well aware, is Santa's favorite holiday. Even if it is in…
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1 Month Until Christmas 3
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North Pole Shuts Down for Thanksgiving

Santa suprised everyone by announcing that the day before Thanksgiving will only be a half-day at the North Pole. Everything is shutting down. That is very unusual in the middle of the week. It might be a good indication of how prepared Santa…
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Why the North Pole Loves Thanksgiving

The elves over at the North Pole Post Office tell me they are getting a lot of mail about Thanksgiving. They say people want to know why it is such a big deal at the North Pole. I think it is a fair question. Thanksgiving is an ancient…

North Pole Gets Ready for Thanksgiving

It will be a festive week here at the North Pole -- one filled with both Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have long told you that Thanksgiving is Santa's favorite holiday. I don't know why that is still a shock to some people. But elves love…

Why Thanksgiving is as Big as Christmas at the North Pole

Years ago I got in a lot of trouble for writing a column titled A Fat Man’s Holiday. That article talked about Santa’s love of food and the North Pole celebration of Thanksgiving. I will attempt to once again explain it all without…



North Pole Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at the North Pole is not like Thanksgiving anywhere else. In this festive episode of the North Pole Podcast Elves Frank, Crash and Sprinkles discuss the grand feast planned for the entire elf community and the famous North Pole…