Santa is Building Something Big

Breaking NewsIt isn’t unusual to see Santa hard at work at the North Pole. But it is unusual to see him outside with big drawings, earth movers, dump trucks and talking with elf surveyors.

Just east of the Reindeer barns Santa has been working all week long. He has met with engineers, elf construction specialists, and lots of people from the North Pole Research and Development Department.

What can Santa be up to?

Nobody really seems to know.

However, I did see Elf Victor in a meeting with Santa on Monday morning. Then Elf Victor left the North Pole late Monday afternoon. He did not say where he was going but he did say he would be back soon.

If Elf Victor is up to something you can bet it has something to do with the reindeer.

Santa doesn’t seem to be in a hurry with whatever this project is.

All I know is that it involves an awful lot of wood. The lumber has been arriving at the North Pole for days now and it is stacked high out by the Sleigh Barn.

In fact, the Sleigh Barn seems to be the headquarters for all whatever this special project is.

I will try to find out for you what is going on. But whatever it is, it is employing a lot of Santa’s time and it is taking up a lot of space.

Elf Ernest

Elf Victor Says the Reindeer Are Ready

Santa TrackingI just spoke to Elf Victor by phone. He says the reindeer are ready to fly.

Unlike last year when the reindeer didn’t even return to the North Pole until the last possible minute there seems to be little to say about the reindeer this year. They are healthy, they are happy and they are ready.

And that’s a great thing. Elf Hugo says the drama of the reindeer problems a year ago increased the workload of the North Pole Post Office significantly. We don’t know for sure how the Post Office is handling things this year, but we’ll check on them in the hours ahead.

But it is nice to get such good news about the reindeer this year.

Elf Ernest

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North Pole News

Reindeer Go Into Isolation

Tracking SantaGreetings, all!

Elf Victor has informed me that he has isolated Santa’s top teams of reindeer in the wake of the Bah Humbug virus scare.

No actual incidents involving the virus have been reported among the reindeer but Elf Victor says he cannot be too careful.

Reindeer cannot be treated in the same way as elves against the Bah Humbug virus. It takes a lot more time to clear it up so Elf Victor is very careful to make sure the reindeer are not exposed to these dangers.

So far, so good.

Elf Ernest

Operation Merry Christmas

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Vixen Wins the Reindeer Games

Reindeer gamesHappy greetings!

Elves here are cheering the triumph of Vixen at the reindeer games.

Against all odds, and somehow running and flying fast and keeping her big bow still in place, Vixen has pulled off an upset to win this year’s reindeer games.

Everywhere I’m going today elves and reindeer are smiling. Nobody thought she could do it but she did.

Elf Victor was so excited. “She trained hard for this,” he told me. “For years and years it has been her secret wish to win. She’s very talented, of course, or she wouldn’t be on Santa’s team. But to win against the big boys like Donner is quite an accomplishment.”

Elf Victor said that Donner was very complimentary of Vixen and admitted that she won fair and square.

So a good outcome to the games and now the reindeer can settle in and get ready at last for their next assignment—flying Santa around the world.

Elf Ernest

Operation Merry Christmas

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Elves Want the Prankster Caught

Merry ChristmasGreetings Everyone!

Elf Agent X met today with all department heads at the North Pole to update us on the Merry Prankster investigation.

Elves are demanding answers.

Elf Bernard said his elves are nervous that something is going to go wrong every time they pick up a tool.

Worse, Elf Victor says elves working for him in reindeer operations fear they are being looked at suspiciously as Elf Agent X investigates.

Everyone wants this guy caught and caught soon!

But Elf Agent X has very few answers.

Elf Gloria asked him the toughest question ever. She said, “If Santa knows when you are sleeping and he knows when you are awake how come he doesn’t know who the Merry Prankster is and how to catch him?”

A lot of elves nodded when she asked that question.

Elf Agent X said that Santa doesn’t spy on anyone and that he was as concerned as everyone else about catching this guy. He said he promised Santa he would catch him before Christmas.

That made everyone feel a little better. But the Merry Prankster has been at this all year – and hasn’t been close to being caught. We don’t know how Elf Agent X is going to catch him.

Elf Ernest

Operation Merry Christmas

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