The Work of Mrs. Claus Right Now 2
Early Christmas Party at the North Pole 3
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Early Christmas Party at the North Pole

We have not been able to enjoy a Christmas party on Christmas Eve at the North Pole for a few years now. That changes right now. In fact, elves are gathering in kind of an impromptu action to throw a party together at the Claus residence.…
Feeding Santa 4
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Feeding Santa

Happy Friday, all! Mrs. Claus was on television today at the North Pole and what she had to say has everyone here at the North Pole talking. Mrs. Claus was talking about feeding Santa on Christmas Eve. When anyone mentions Santa and food…
Traditional Christmas for Mrs. Claus 5
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Traditional Christmas for Mrs. Claus

Howdy, all! Happy Saturday to you. Lots of mail arrived this week and much of it contained questions about Mrs. Claus. Seems I haven't been talking much about her either. Everyone wants to know what her role will be this year after taking…
Mrs. Claus Takes Charge in Flight Command 6
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Mrs. Claus Takes Charge in Flight Command

If there is one thing we learned about Mrs. Claus this year it is that she can do anything. Did you know she trained to become a sleigh pilot this year? Maybe that is why she has taken charge of the Flight Command Center for now. Mrs.…
Mrs Claus
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Mrs. Claus Fires Up the Ovens

Happy greetings! It is a new day at the North Pole as Mrs. Claus today announced she was firing up her ovens and making her Christmas cookies. She really hasn’t had a chance to do that much this year and so many elves have been sick…
Bah Humbug Virus
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You Don't Want the Bah Humbug Virus

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday to ya! It is a busy weekend here at the North Pole. There’s only about two weeks left. Yikes! Mrs. Claus is holding a little meeting for all the elves who are well enough to attend who are not working. She’s…
Mrs. Claus Consults with Doctors
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Mrs. Claus to Visit with Top Medical Experts

Uh-oh. Lab results at the North Pole Medical Center showed a 92% chance that the terrible Bah Humbug virus has returned. A meeting was held, with Santa calling in, and it was decided that Mrs. Claus would leave the North Pole to consult…
Countdown Clocks Synchronized at the North Pole 7
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Countdown Clocks Synchronized at the North Pole

Greetings! Early this morning in a dual-broadcast seen all over the North Pole Santa and Mrs. Claus officially kicked off Operation Merry Christmas. Mrs. Claus, broadcasting from downtown in North Pole Village in the town square, synchronized…
Santa Returns
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Surprise Return for Santa

Holy smokes! What a shocker! The Elf Parade was going very smoothly, in fact, it was just about to end when a giant birthday cake was wheeled in front of the large crowd sitting by the windows of the Emporium. “Happy Birthday” starting…
Santa misses Thanksgiving
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North Pole Celebrates a Thanksgiving Without Santa

Howdy! In another sign that Christmas is coming the first of several Thanksgiving celebrations was noted this week with Canadian Thanksgiving – a North Pole tradition. Missing, of course, was Santa who loves this event and any other…