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Worries Over the Reindeer

Christmas Day is officially three months from today and that’s cutting it a little too close for those who are fans of Santa’s reindeer. Customarily Santa’s reindeer return to the North Pole every fall and some years it happens in early…
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3 Months Until Christmas

Hi ho! Just 3 more months to go until Christmas. We’re excited! Last month I promised an update on Santa’s reindeer and here it is, short and sweet. They aren’t here yet. That’s all I can tell you. Usually I ask Santa about…
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14 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi everyone. There are just 14 weeks until Christmas yet the big topic here has been – Thanksgiving. Three weeks from now is Canadian Thanksgiving. That’s a thing here at the North Pole if only because Santa and Mrs. Claus usually…
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15 Weeks Until Christmas

Holy cow! There are only 15 weeks until Christmas! That’s NOTHING! And let me tell you, things have certainly cranked up a notch here at the North Pole. I cannot tell you the energy I’m feeling here. My days usually begin very…
Reindeer Tracking Office Launches 1
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Reindeer Tracking Office Launches

Several weeks ago North Pole Flight Command announced the addition of the Reindeer Tracking Office. That office opened today. Unfortunately, there are no reindeer yet at the North Pole to track. However, those reindeer now working the…
18 Weeks Until Christmas 2
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18 Weeks Until Christmas

There are 18 weeks until Christmas now and I’m super ready! So apparently are a lot of other people. School teachers are starting to write in to the North Pole with their questions. Parents are starting to send in questions for the…
Reindeer Radar Test Approved 3
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Reindeer Radar Test Approved

Rumors of the Reindeer Radar Project are true. In September, North Pole Flight Command will test new technology that will be embedded in the equipment worn by reindeer in flight from the North Pole. You may be aware of embedded technology…
19 Weeks Until Christmas 4
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19 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi everyone! There are now just 19 weeks until Christmas and we’re feeling the turn of the season now in important ways. For many, it is back to school time. How do we know? Elf Hugo at the North Pole Post Office reports a surge…
20 Weeks Until Christmas 5
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20 Weeks Until Christmas

20 weeks now remain until Christmas and I’ll tell you – that sure sounds like a small number to me. We count down week by week but it never really feels like we’re getting closer to Christmas and then suddenly one week comes along…
Elf Victor
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Chat with Elf Victor

Elf Victor, one of Santa's longest serving elves, is the Head of Reindeer Operations at the North Pole. He has one of the most important jobs in developing and caring for the thousands of reindeer who serve Santa. He came in for a chat during…
200 Days Until Santa's Launch 6
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200 Days Until Santa's Launch

North Pole Flight Command is quietly celebrating 200 days until Santa’s launch by expanding the flight routes of Santa’s sleigh. The sleigh, now in test flight stage, has been flying for a week in clear North Pole skies. Preliminary…
29 Weeks Until Christmas 7
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29 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi guys! There are just 29 weeks until Christmas left. It has been a quiet week at the North Pole. Actually, no it has not been a quiet week. It’s really been very busy. It’s just been all business. The test flights of Santa’s…