Reindeer Spotted in Northern Canada 1
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Vixen Surprises at the Reindeer Games

The Reindeer Games began at the North Pole today and already we have a surprise: Vixen is off to a fast start. Vixen, who has been on Santa's team for decades, does not traditionally rank well at the games, mostly due to her smaller size. But…
Reindeer Spotted in Northern Canada 2
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Lots of Reindeer Babies at the North Pole

There are lots of reindeer babies at the North Pole. And I mean a lot of them. As you will hear from the North Pole Radio News report from today (in the player below), part of the preparation efforts of the annual Reindeer Games is a count…
Reindeer Games
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Reindeer Games to Begin Next Week

The reindeer games will begin next week, according to officials in the Reindeer Department at the North Pole. The reindeer games are a big part of Operation Merry Christmas. If the reindeer are not ready, Santa is not ready. The reindeer…
Reindeer Spotted in Northern Canada 3
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Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade a Big Success

The Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade was a snowy mess but it came off without a hitch as festive crowds greeted both elves and reindeer from the sidelines. Thousand of people braved white out conditions at the North Pole to participate in the…
Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 2 Days
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Operation Merry Christmas Begins in 2 Days

Operation Merry Christmas begins in two days and I can't wait - cause I get to help train my reindeer. The reindeer, of course, have been the talk of the town this week. They not only have come back but they have brought their families with…
Reindeer Spotted in Northern Canada 4
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1 Month Until Christmas

Just 1 month until Christmas, folks - Christmas Eve is just a month away! Do you know what you will be doing on Christmas Eve? We know what we will be doing and we're just so doggone excited. In fact, with the return of the reindeer to the…
Reindeer Return
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Reindeer Return

The reindeer have returned! They're back! As you'll hear in the North Pole Radio News Report below Santa's reindeer began arriving today at the snowy North Pole. One by one in groups of about a dozen reindeer at a time they are coming…
Sugar Cookie Bets
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Sugar Cookie Bets Soar on Reindeer Rumors

Sugar cookie bets are serious business at the North Pole. Money really does not mean much at the North Pole but sugar cookies do. So elves here bet frequently with sugar cookies. The sugar cookie bets today were all about the reindeer. Elves…
Reindeer Spotted in Northern Canada 5
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Rumors Swirl of Reindeer Return

A short time ago breaking news was reported from North Pole Flight Command. They are tracking a massive object moving towards the North Pole. News of the event has quickly spread at the North Pole and speculation is running rampant that Santa's…
Concerns about Reindeer

Concerns About Reindeer Voiced to the North Pole

Concerns about the reindeer are now showing up in mail to the North Pole. Recent news reports about the elves at the North Pole who are concerned about the reindeer have now spilled over to people around the world voicing their concerns. I…
Reindeer Anxiety
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Reindeer Anxiety Builds at the North Pole

Reindeer anxiety is building at the North Pole as we head into mid-November. The reindeer barn and surrounding area are empty of reindeer at a time when elves usually expect to see them. And it has elves at the North Pole very nervous. In…
Reindeer Spotted in Northern Canada 6
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Reindeer Spotted in Northern Canada

Reindeer have been spotted in migration out of Northern Canada. They were seen by a North Pole scout running weather observance runs for North Pole Flight Command. The picture isn't great but those are reindeer "of the Santa variety", as Elf…